Wealthy Affiliates – You don’t Make Money!-You Earn Money On line. What do I mean by this? Well, nothing comes for free. You either pay for it or work for it, and if you suffer from “too much month for yournothing for free money” paying for it is
1. A gamble, with all the fraudsters on line, or
2. Not really and option.

As with a lot of people, I have been trying to find a legitimate way to earn extra cash for many years. I have tried many “Schemes” and spent thousands on training and “Push Button” money making systems – All of them not earning me a cent, which I am sure is the case with a lot of people trying to get into the online business. Unfortunately, many of the people on line are not too phased about how ethical they are, as long as they can get your buck! What you need to do is figure out how to find that needle in a hay stack that is a genuine opportunity.

Although the internet is full of souls trolling to catch a few successes, and they caught me for years, there are some really good opportunities out there. The problem is finding them. Once you have found them, not all of them are a perfect fit and you might find you need to move on. I have found some that were really good and were really successful in their niche market but they did not suite my needs. They required that I have my own MLM network and they showed how to increase your network and monetise it. My problem was that I did not have a network and I wanted to know how to start and online business. So, to pay monthly for a year before I had any chance of making money, and then having to pay for the myriad of expensive up sells to be successful was just not and option.

Promises Made

Have you also checked out all the “Work from Home” and Earn money on line” adverts promising you good sums of money every month? How many of them say “just sign up, (pay your fee of course) and our system will do the rest”. Well, If the system does “The Rest”, why do they need you???……Oh, OK, it’s not you they need, it’s your money! I mean, just look at some of the adverts:

“Start your own business”

We give you all the training required (R2,500) If they are doing to earn money off your work, Why charge a fee?

Sell and Design Websites with amazing features. You will be marketing their product, probably hosting.

Our design team can assist you to get going. I do not see anything that the help will be for free.

Earn up to R3,500 per website built. Again, where will the site be hosted, on their platform at a fee? the “up to” is a concern. It probably means that you will not earn that amount on the average site.

Also earn R75 per month from each client. This will probably be after they have taken their cut…fair but then why…..

Only R150 + VAT monthly agency fee” …….do the need you to pay a monthly fee to be and agent. Where do they make most of their fees…..of the hosting or off their agents?

I am not saying that this is not a legit business. I do wonder how successful their agents are and how many of them make real money on the system.


Promises Broken

My CFD Stocks Experience

This one I have had personal experience with. Yes… I have paid my school fees. Too much school fees really as, I dare say  have many others.
I noticed and advert that sent me to this site:-

It looked good and I thought “Oh well, there has to be a real honest site out there. They can’t all be bad”. So I guess that I am right in that they cannot all be bad but, my experience here was terrible. At the time of writing this article, I am still trying to get my money out of them.

When I signed up, I received a call from a +44 number. The “Broker” promised me that I would make x10 my investment every month. I laughed and hung up. The next day “Michael” from CFD Stocks phoned me and asked why I had not financed my account. I told him that I did not believe the promise of x10 my investment monthly. He told me that the Broker had not right to claim that as no promises or guarantees were made but If I started with the minimal amount of £251 he would assign a broker that would show me how the system works and who would train me. I, rather reluctantly, paid the £251 and was congratulated and was told a broker would call me.

I was called and one deal was done that went south but miraculously I made a profit. The broker explained that he had seen what was happening and had change the trade and showed a profit. I was on the line the entire time and watching the trade live but I saw nothing happening on my account other than the trade bottoming out. But, thankful for the profit I listened to the broker and I was promptly told that now that I had seen how he worked with my money, I needed to invest £25 000. Yet again I laughed and hun up.

Low and behold, the next day I get another call from a broker and I and told that he was now going to look after my account and we did two trades. One lost and one made and I was up a few £s. Surprise surprise, I was now told that I would make £1000 in 3 days but then I needed to invest £15 000. I had a few words to say and hung up and requested my money back. I received yet another call from another broker. He was in charge of the Silver accounts and he would look after me and train me and I would do a course over two weeks. We did a trade or two and, yes, you guessed it, I only had to invest £2500. I refused, of course and checked on my withdrawal request and found, to my surprise, that it had been canceled. I promptly again requested a withdrawal of my funds. The online agent told me that I had to wait 30 days and that the withdrawal would cost £35.

26 Days later, I check on the status of my account, only to find that the withdrawal had again been canceled. I again queried it and again was told to follow the process but nobody would tell me who canceled my withdrawal request. I now check my account status regularly. It shows that I have requested a withdrawal but nothing else. I now wait in anticipation to see what is going to happen next. Would you like to venture whether I will receive my money back?

Are they All Fraudsters?

Are they all fraudsters? I do not believe so. In fact, I have proof that they are not. I am not talking only Stock Traders here. I am referring to Internet business or, make money on line systems (better known as work from home systems) and MLM. There are definitely chancers out there just trying to get your buck, but there are genuine opportunities too.

Not withstanding all the bad experiences, I am convinced that there are honest opportunities out there and I continued looking. I have been involved in MLM for a number of years and I have really enjoyed it. For more on my MLM experiences, reap my articled on my MLM Journey. This being said, I still wanted and online business and I have trawled the web to find something. Being in South Africa, a lot of the recognised opportunities are not available to us but there are opportunities that are reputable, effective and available. I just had to find one.

I have been resolute in finding an honest, effective system to earn a living on line. Yes, I want to earn a living on line but I am fully aware that this does not happen overnight, and it definitely does not happen without work. That old adage “you reap what you sow” still applies in everything we do, online or off-line. You can find and subscribe to the best system but, if you do not do thr required work, you will not reap the expected rewards.

How Do you Choose

So, how do you choose your internet business? Let’s start with understanding that and online business is no different from a Brick and Morter business. You have to work, you have to do the basics and yes, internet businesses fail! So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, don’t only have one product or one site. You need to find a platform where you can have multiple “businesses” (sites) selling different products, digital and or physical products, be they your own or other peoples products.

I have made use of different “Good” products before, and as I have said, some were very good but just did not fit my business plan (yes, you need a business plan, and not one in your head. A paper copy that you can reap and follow). Once you have your business plan written down, you can now start looking for the best fit opportunity. This does not mean that you will get it right the first time (that does not even happen in brick and mortar businesses) but you will have a better Idea of what you are looking for. You might even have to go back and tweek your business plan.

How To Make Money On The Internet

Making money on the internet for free! Really? If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. The operative word is probably. I have found some that are true. This being said, you must evaluate them carefully because they are few and far between and you are likely to be “caught” before you find the real deal. I have found a system that I tried for free and it is really good. Two free websites, free training and free hosting (this is where you usually get caught). Normally the websites are free but you [pay for the hosting. Not so here.
The first thing you need to remember is “You don’t Make money on the internet, Period. You earn money on the internet”! It is the same as a B&M business. No work – No pay. If you are prepared to work at the business, you will probably earn money. Just remember that it is not a “get rich quick scheme”. It will take upwards of 6 months to get any sort of results and a year or so to get it properly established. these time frames are not written in stone. The more you work the better the success.

The True Test – Do It For Free First

I have always wondered why, if a system is as good as they claim, they do not allow you to test it for free. I was never able to find one that does this. Considering the fact that it takes 6 months to a year to establish and online business, why do they only give you 30 or 60 days to try out the product. Usually you have to pay first and then ask for your money back within the prescribed period, which is too soon to have any success with the system. Well, I found two guys that have put their money (not mine) where their moths are.

You can get 2 free websites, plus free hosting and they will give you free training. What is more, the free websites and the free hosting never expire, i.e. you keep them, make money and never lose the sites, even if you do not sign up for the premium package. I have never found this offer anywhere before. All the ones I have found have a limited trial period. Can’t get better than this. Try it out for free right here.

If you need more details or help with anything in our posts or business related, please feel free to ask me here.

I hope this brief article was of interest to you. If so, please leave a comment below and share the page. Until the next time.

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