Most of us can do with a “little extra” in the month, especially towards the end of the month because, as the late Jim Rohn would say, we have too much month for our money. The issue is how to get that “extra” every month? In this article I am going to show you how to get that “extra” to manage the month, and more.Jim Rohn Quote

You will be surprised at how simple it is ( no, I never said easy, I said simple) and how many people are doing it with great success. If you are reading this, then you probably have everything that you need to make that “extra”.

To Improve Your Life By Using Your Skills you need to determine what your skills are, the best way to monetise them, make a list of what you would need to monetise these skills and determine how much time you can devote to such a business.

Determine Your Why

Now, before we get into it, you need to get your mind clear about what you are trying to achieve and most importantly, why you need or want to achieve it. Knowing why is going to be your driving force in this whole endeavour. The stronger your why the more committed you will be.

Why do you need to earn that “extra”? Is it to:

  • Pay school or varsity fees
  • buy a house
  • repair the car
  • help look after your parents?

Whatever it is, get it clear in your mind why you need it.

The next thing is to set your goal. Know what it is that you are working to achieve. If you cannot measure it, you cannotSet your goal manage it. you will never know when you are there. You need to set a clear goal.

Now for the part that most people leave out, saying “I am not in a rush, I will just try and do it”. That is a recipe for failure. You really must set a timeline to measure yourself against. Let us say that your target at the end is an extra $1000.00 say, after 8 months. The best way would be to break it down into chunks with a target date. For example Month two $200.00, Month four $500.00, Month six $800.00 and month eight $1000.00. Now you can measure your progress but how are you going to make that progress?

The How

This is the million-dollar question, literally. How are you going to make your money, the “extra”? Now, this site being about affiliate marketing, WAIT, Wait, Stay with me for a minute! I am not going to demand your credit card. I am going to show you just how and why thousands of people are turning to the internet and making that “extra money”.  In fact, a lot ( not everyone) are making a fortune.

I am going to show you how you can make money online, using what you already have – your skills. We all have skills, hobbies, knowledge that others would love to acquire and use. So, why not tell them of your skills, give them advice and recommend solutions or products that will help them, and get paid for it.

All this without leaving your home or raising a sweat. Sound too good to be true? Well, test it for yourself and it will not cost you a cent to try it.

Identify Your Skills And Passions

To start, you will need to list your skills, and before you say you not sure you have skills others would need, think of these examples. Can you:

  • Change a plug on an appliance
  • change a flat wheel
  • bake a cake
  • knit a jersey
  • use a computerUsing a lawnmower
  • change brake pads on your vehicle
  • look after tropical fish
  • build a cage for rabbits
  • use a lawnmower
  • make soap
  • dye material
  • plan an event
  • drive a car
  • read a map
  • give directions
  • create logos
  • make curry
  • make kefir
  • Make pemmican
  • repair a toaster

You get the picture. Everyone knows how to do something that other people would like to know. now you should identify the things that you are not passionate about. If you are passionate about something, it will show in your work. This will help convert visitors into buyers.

This is not to say that you cannot market a skill that you are not passionate about. Many people learn a new skill so that they can market a certain product. Knowledge is what is important. You must be able to solve your visitor’s problem.

Identify Who Would Need Your Skills

This is commonly known as identifying your niche. You need to know who is your market. You would be wasting your time trying to market baking products to mechanics. If you are marketing baking products and skills, you would look to reaching mainly women. That is not to say that no men would be interested but simply that more women would be looking for your services.

Determine Your Product Vehicle

Determining your vehicle simply means deciding how you are going to market your skills. Are you going to write a book to market online or are you going to write articles teaching people to solve their problems and marketing other peoples products to your visitors for a commission (affiliate marketing)?

You could also run an online store where you would just market other peoples goods or even your own book or products. There are many models and you should research the different methods before deciding. If you need help, contact me here. I would be happy to help.

Develop The New Skills You Need

Now you will probably be saying that you don’t know anything about the internet and creating a website, blogging, marketingSuccess, go get it and the rest. Well, the system I offered to let you use for free comes with free training and you can easily learn these skills that millions of others have learned.

Don’t think that you need to learn code or any special, complicated technical skills. It is pretty basic and most anyone can learn them. Many people have had to change direction in their lifetime and have learned the skill with great success. The great thing is that you are not alone. If you have questions you can simply ask for advice.

Take Action Now

If you have read this far, you are probably considering this and wondering what is the catch. Well, there is no catch. If you would like to try and earn that “extra” without having to pay out hard-earned cash, NOW is the time to try. Sign up to join the program and get all the training and help that is offer and you can contact me directly for help.Anybody can do this

There is no expiry date on your websites, hosting or training. As long as you actively use the website, it is all free. you keep everything you make, not commissions or fees. If you like what you see and you want to upgrade, it is your choice. You can stay on the free membership as long as you like or upgrade to the premium membership.

I have been online since 1998 and have paid school fees for years. Thankfully, I found this program in 2017 and have never looked back. Starting with the free version, I was so impressed that I upgraded to the premium membership and have never looked back.

To get your free website, hosting and training, click here now.


  • Richard Brennan

    Jim Rohn had many great pearls of wisdom and I’m a great fan of his.

    All of what you say here is true. You can have all the resources you need right there at your finger tips, but unless someone follows the necessary steps in action and personal development that you’ve highlighted here, they will not succeed.

    It’s very tempting to fall for ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ and look at the Big Ticket items that promise to make you lots of money up front with high commissions on expensive training courses, etc, but you very correctly say here that the best way forward is to find out what we’re already good at which people out there may need help with. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn how to do that properly.

  • Gomer

    Hi Bryan,

    I like your perspective in life. You have a positive perspective that’s conducive for making money and creating wealth. You are right when you said that anybody can do this. It’s not hard at all, provided you are willing to learn and put the efforts required, you will see results. It’s not rocket science, affiliate marketing is so simple, and an excellent way to make that “extra”.


    ~ Gomer

    • Bryan Botha

      Hi Gomer,

      Thanks for the kind words and yes, Affiliate Marketing is definitely not rocket science but is is work and you do have to be open to learning new skills, all of which are taught to you if you join the right program.

  • Stella

    I love how subtle you coined this post.  Leading with intrigue this is…

    This post shows a different approach to new affiliate marketers.  Because it is actually very straightforward as long as you put the work in.  What I like is that the program you hint about has plenty of ways of supporting Starting members.  

    The main rule is Never Quit as you are an author in the making.  Jim Rohn would definitely agree.

    Thanks for sharing!   

    • Bryan Botha

      Hi Stella,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, affiliate marketing is indeed very straight forward and if you persist consistently, you will succeed. the secret is to do the work. there is no sitting back and waiting for the cash to roll in. there is simply no such thing.

      The program I use is very user friendly and has incredibly good, in depth training and video training. The best is that you can start for free and never have to upgrade if you so desire.

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