Affiliate Marketing is an extremely popular and effective way to earn a residual, online income and more and more people are turning to this type of business, and yes, it is a business. So when I talk about The Truth About A Free Affiliate Marketing Website, I am talking about real business.

There are some things you need to become aware of and to consider carefully before you decide yes or no, but if you need an income or want to build a pension, read on.

Do You Need A Website

This is really a trick question….. or is it? Technically, No you don’t need a website. There are a lot of ways to do affiliate marketing and using a free affiliate marketing website is just one of them. I happen to believe that it is the best way if you want to develop a sustainable online business.ASM Webpage

Affiliate marketing has been around for decades, since before the internet. An Affiliate marketer would hand out fliers, place adds or mail marketing material out to get people to phone a specific number which had a prerecorded message and could be tracked. If that call made a purchase, the advertiser (affiliate marketer) would be paid.

Another method would be to get your affiliate link from the affiliate program, buy a domain name, have the domain redirected to your affiliate link and the visitors to your domain will do directly to the company’s website. If the visitor makes a purchase, it will be tracked via your affiliate link and you will be paid.

So, do you need a website? Simple answer, No. Will a website benefit you? Absolutely yes.

Does A Free Affiliate Marketing Website Work

Now the first concern is usually ” I don’t know how to build a website”. Well, building a website has progressed and is now very simple and, using WordPress, The worlds most popular platform with about 80% of the market, It is now very simple and extremely quick.

You do not need to know any code (which takes years to study) and the training is freely available on the internet. You can create an effective and beautify website in minutes with WordPress. All you then need to do is to add your content which, by the way, is the real work part of the process. It is what attracts your visitors, who buy goods and earn you a commission.

The question here is, do free websites work. Well yes, and yes again. You just need to ensure you are not getting into a scam where you are trapped into paying monthly fees for hidden costs. So how do you avoid the scams, Don’t go for shiny things!

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Cons

While I know that certain free affiliate marketing websites really work, there are definitely some scams and some drawbacks to free websites. So let’s start with three of the scams;

  • The website is no longer free after 30, 60, or 90 days. you have to start paying an exorbitant monthly fee. If you don’t Free Web pagepay the fee, you lose all the time and effort that you have put into the development of the site
  • The website is free but you have to pay for the hosting!
  • No free training. You must pay a consultant for advice.

I could go on but it is just too depressing. Luckily there is a ray of sunshine ahead.

Now let us deal with the disadvantages of a free website;

  • With a free website, you will be getting a full and efficient website but you will not be getting any of the advanced features and services until you upgrade, which is not a must but a personal choice. You can definitely earn an income on a free website.
  • You will get enough training and help to build your website but the premium memberships have all the top-notch training and advice
  • your free website does not have your domain name but is usually a subdomain of the host platform. For example “”.
  • You cannot have a domain email address, i.e. you will have to use a google mail or yahoo type account.
  • If you leave it unused for a month or three it is terminated. This is understandable as it costs money for servers and if the space is not being used, it will be optimised.

Do I Need My Own Domain

It is not a must to have your own registered domain name but it does have definite advantages. If you are selling Torches and your domain name is, and I have and we have the same content, the chances are that will rank higher.

Luckily, we cannot have the same content as the Search Engines will penalise us and our rankings will be poor. My could still outrank and outperform your if I place higher quality content and more content on my site.

So yes, a Domain name is advantageous but is definitely not a must. A subdomain like can perform just as well and even better than a

What About Training

Training is extremely important. Not only that you receive training but the quality of the training really counts. Now there are a lot, if not all platforms that give you training. The question is what does it cost and is it any good? I have paid for training andGreat Training I have received free training from different programs and it has been absolutely useless. In some training, the language was so poor that I could not understand what the trainer was trying to put across.

On the flip side, I have had some outstanding training, such as the training I have received on the program that I use. Usually, with the free program, you get basic training, and I am happy with that as long as it is enough to teach me how to do the program completely. It should not stop halfway through and then demand fees for further training.

Like you and I, the program owner wants to make money and that is cool. So if he has advanced training at a premium, I am good with that, With my free membership and website, I got great training and even got premium training for 7 days. It got me off to a great start.

How Much Do The Extras Cost

There is only 1 extra with Wealthy Affiliates and that is not a must. If you wish to upgrade to the premium membership, it will cost you $359 a year or $49 a month. The features and the training that comes with this package are unbelievable and worth every cent.

How Long Before I make Money

This is like asking how long is a piece of string. The norm is about 6 months but some people get it right in a month BUT this is unusual. These people usually just have the gift for it or were lucky enough to stumble upon a great Niche or product. Then there are those that take years and this could be for various reasons;

  • Insufficient time spent working on the website
  • not following the training
  • choosing the wrong niche
  • not understanding the concepts
  • not reaching out to others for help

Affiliate Marketing is not an overnight miracle! It takes time and effort to make money with a Free Affiliate Marketing Website. The same is true for any premium affiliate program. It all depends on the effort one puts into it.

Of course, you can achieve your aim faster by going the premium route straight away and investing in paid advertising etc and it could cut down your lead time to your earnings but you would still need to do the training and the work to make it happen.

Writing Content

This is where a lot of people stumble and fall. It is not because they can’t do it but because they fear it. Anyone can write articles and yes, in the beginning, it will probably not be very long nor very good, but you need to start. I used to battle to writeContent success 300 words. It was a nightmare. How was I ever to write a 1000 word article.

Well, Wealthy Affiliates has training on that too and now I write 2000 words without thinking and my visitor numbers keep growing. All you need to do is the keyword research and the planning and the training teaches you everything.

How Do I Start

I would suggest that you start with a free account. The reason for my suggesting this is that if you have any concerns, you can test this system without outlaying a cent and once you have confidence in Affiliate Marketing and you want to have more web pages, you can upgrade to premium. It took me 3 days to realise that I wanted to do this but you can take as long as you like before deciding.

Where Will I Get Help

Help is immediately available in the groups and if you have a free site, you can contact me by email and I will be glad to assist you with any questions you might have.

If you have questions before you sign up for the Free membership it 1 free website, you can contact me here

Your Opinion Counts

I would love to hear what you think of affiliate marketing or free websites. Please leave your comments below.Your opinion counts


  • Riaz Shah

    Wel said Bryan!
    When I first started online, I was hell-bent into getting a website purely for affiliate marketing because everyone says so. I spent around $14 a month on Hostgator premium because being fresh and all, I wanted the best. That is until I find out that it’s not as easy as it sounds because websites take a long time to grow. 

    There are of course many other ways on how to increase your affiliate sales but I think having a website can be a powerful advantage, just sharing my 2 cents 😀

    • Bryan Botha

      Hi Riaz, With all the con artists out there, a lot of people are skittish about paying for things that they do not know or understand. That is why I suggest the free membership first, knowing that they will like what they see and will upgrade when the time is right for them.

      Websites are definitely not the only way to market but they probably give you the best online business opportunity. We all know what it is like if your Facebook or Youtube account is deleted. You lose your business and must start again. 

      With a website, it is your property and your business is more secure, in my opinion.

  • Louis

    From experience, it’s more professional to use a paid domain name than a free one. Consumers will relate better when they have trust in the brand. For starters, site rubix domain is not bad, however you must work to register your site on a .com domain. 

    Everyone knows that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, but the efforts will be worth it in the end.

    • Bryan Botha

      Hi Louis, 

      A lot of people new to Affiliate Marketing are very skittish about being conned, so yes, a domain is better but to start and gain confidence in the platform, I recommend the free membership to newbies.

      You will be surprised at how many Newbies think they can earn $10k in the first month! You have to educate them about the process. That is where the training comes in.

  • Polycarp Momoh

    Thanks for the article. I have a siterubix website and I have been wondering how that would affect my ranking and performance on the search engine ranking. Now I know the advantages and disadvantages of having a s sub domain and and the advantages of getting a paid of full domain. Although in my opinion, free things are sometimes over ratted, “no pay no gain” is what I believe and in my experience has always be found to be true. Thanks again 

    • Bryan Botha

      For a beginner, a siterubix account is fine.  when you are ready to go premium, you can just transfer the entire siterubix account, comments and all to your new Domain with the push of a button.

      I always suggest the free membership to start with if new visitors are skittish about paying for something they do not know. They are a good starting point and some are very successful with them. When they want to have more sites, they can just upgrade and transfer the old site.

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