The How And What To Work At Home

Most of us have had the thought of how great it would be to work from home. Who has not? The flip side of the coin is that we have all heard of all the “Get Rich Quick” schemes and programs out there. Hence, the bad rap and our cautiousness about trusting anything on the net. Yet, We are quite willing to make purchases online, giving out our banking details to make payment!

What I am going to show you in this post is

  • the how and the what of work from home – online,
  • what the problem with trying to earn money online is,
  • What the solution is,
  • What the benefits are and
  • where to start.

NO! I am not going to ask you for money, credit card details or anything of the sort. I really want to show you what I found to build my online business and it did not cost me a cent.

The Elephant In The Room

Elephant in the roomNo not this one! The real problem. The schemes and Miracle push button programs that claim to make you a millionaire overnight. How many of us have fallen for some or other claim that would make you rich without you having to do anything…except of course taking out your credit card?
This doesn’t happen online only. I know a lot of people that have lost more than $27-00 in schemes. Shiny ThingsSome schemes leave hundreds of people penniless. Their entire lives savings and pensions have gone overnight.

I received a good piece of advice from my coach once “Avoid the shiny things”. The shiny stuff is not gold but cheap plating and the shiny stuff will probably rub off the shiny thing soon, leaving it dull and worthless.

What do I mean by Shiny Things? Well, anything that claims to do things that are too good to be true, e.g. Push Button overnight money machines. Miracle programs that you set and forget etc. They are usually not free and they never work. They also distract you from the things that are important.

Everything Costs Something- Even Success

You need to be realistic in your search. There is nothing for nothing. Everything costs something and success costs…. it costs work. Lots of work. If you find something promising you success without work, you are paying money for nothing and for that you will earn nothing.

If you want success in your endeavors, you need to be prepared to work for it. It is true, there are a lot of fraudsters Researchingonline, but there are equally a lot of genuine people offering great opportunities. The secret is, how do you find them. Well, that takes work in most cases. In fact, if you don’t put in the work to do your due diligence, you will probably get caught… again.

You have to research every opportunity to ensure that the opportunity you have found is not just another opportunity to be caught again.

My Solution

I have tried many things and been caught many times over and now I can say ” That’s alright”, but at the time, it was not alright. The take away is that I can now help others avoid that sort of situation. So, before I tell you that I have the solution, let me ask you this:-

  • Do you need a website? OK, I can give you 2 – Free
  • Oh, so you need hosting too? OK, I will give you hosting for your two sites, –Free
  • You need training too. OK, you can have that for free too.

If you had a free website, with hosting and training on how to build a website and how to monetize it, could you make money online free? I am absolutely sure that you can.

If this interests you, click here. Remember – Follow the link first, look at what is on offer. Note the company name and then do your due diligence. Research my suggestion on Google. Make sure that it is legit. I can say this because I know what you will find out there.

The Benefits

This is a true work from home opportunity. The operative word being work! Put in the work and you will reap the Taking a cruise with the benefitsbenefits, and there are a few…maybe more than a few. Like:

  1. work your own hours
  2. work from home
  3. pay your varsity fees or study loan off
  4. Scheduling your work around your families requirements
  5. If you are currently working, you can work online around your current work schedule
  6. make yourself Retrenchment Proof
  7. build a part-time full-time income online
  8. afford the new house
  9. buy your wife a car
  10. Retire early (definitely not tomorrow. It takes work and time to grow your business)
  11. Enjoy your grandkids

and the list goes on.

On the bright side, you can do all of this without laying out a cent for it. All you need is:-

  • access to a PC
  • access to the internet
  • to be teachable
  • be disciplined

If you have those 4 things, you will be able to build a thriving online business at no risk.

So, now you have your first site up and running, making money. What now? start your second site and have the opportunity to double your income, all this without paying a cent.

Answer The Call To Action NOW

When it comes to staying where you are or improving your lifestyle, the choice is finally yours. I is a personal choice and not one dictated by fear or finances. This opportunity is offered to you for free. If you are still wondering, I will throw in the following:-

  1. 7 day access to the premium training
  2. 30 free keyword searches on Jaaxy
  3. direct access to me for help with your site.

Start Now and get:

  • 2 websites Free
  • free hosting for your sites
  • free training
  • 7 day free access to the advanced training
  • 30 free keyword searches on Jaaxy
  • free access to me for help with your site.

All of this and you don’t risk a cent. What have you got to lose? Only a free online business or two. Start now…click here

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