I’ll bet that you have read many articles about earning huge incomes online and thought, “hell, why can’t I Start An Online Business – Free In 2019?”. Well, the truth of the matter is that you probably could, but you most likely will fail. Most people do and it is very often not your fault.

You see, there are a thousand… if not millions of people out there trying to make money online and not all of them care how it is done. Unfortunately, you will probably run into one or more of them, unless you are extremely lucky.

Shiny Things

If you want to find success online, you have to understand what is going on. To start with, here are a few truths:Shiny Things

  • Push button millions is a lie
  • “Done for you” does not exist
  • Making thousands a month with surveys is a fantasy
  • Get rich overnight is just a shiny thing with no value.

If you see these things advertised, RUN because if you don’t, you will probably lose money, lots of money (I call it school fees) before you learn that they do not work.

Consider Their Promises

Let us just consider one or two of the above “Offers”. Look at the Push button millions first. If you discovered or designed a system that could earn you millions overnight, would you use it yourself? I am sure you would. Heck, I am positive you would! You would use it every night and probably every day too, thus earning millions.

So my question is this;

If you are making millions every day and every night, why would you be trying to sell your system to me for $29 or $49? Unless selling your system to others is how you make the millions every night! So if I buy your PUSH BUTTON SYSTEM” to make millions overnight, I would probably have to sell it to others to make millions too, isn’t that so?

So I could quite easily be one of the tail-enders that have to try to sell the “System” in a market where it has become well known as a Pyramid Scheme and therefore only sells to people desperately looking for a way to make money online. People like you and I who have not yet heard of this “Pyramid scheme Scam”. Does this sound like it could be a successful business venture that you would like to be involved in? No?

OK, so Let’s look at another fantasy… Surveys. You have probably also seen the adverts for making money onlineSurveys completing surveys online, and Yes, you absolutely can make some money doing this. The question is how much can you make and can you support your family on it?

The short answer is NO, you cannot feed yourself, let alone your family on the money you would earn with surveys. Why, well, because surveys usually only pay cents per survey and they can take up to 20 minutes per survey to complete.

Yes, there are the occasional surveys that pay a few dollars, but the more they pay, the longer they usually take to complete. The other issue with surveys is that you cannot sit and fill in dozens of surveys a day. The surveys are profiled and only certain surveys are sent to you. You might get 1 a day, 1 a week or even only 1 a month. The prospects of earning huge sums per month are not promising. In fact, they are highly unlikely.

Due Diligence

So what should you do? Is it really possible for you to earn a living online? The answer to that is this… Yes, you can absolutely earn good money online. But;-

  • You have to approach it logically and not expect miracles
  • You must do your own due diligence. Don’t believe everything everybody tells you.

It’s Not Easy

Earning money online is work. That’s right. It is work, lots of work. Just like a job, and if you are not prepared to work at it, you should understand this, you probably won’t make money at it. Just like any other business, it takes planning, dedication and lots of work.

No Money, No Matter

What it does not take is huge sums of cash, and let’s face it, most of us don’t have money, that is why we want to start an online business isn’t it, to earn some extra cash to help us along. As I stated earlier, you can definitely earn a decent income online if you think about it and don’t believe everything you read, blindly.

You need to consider the offers logically and research them properly. It took me years of trial and error to find a system which made me money online for the first time, ever. The years cost me lots of school fees as I tried everything I could (and couldn’t) afford.

So where does the No Money, No Matter enter into the equation? Well, here it comes, but remember, Don’t believe me, doNo Money your own due diligence. You can earn money, online, without laying out a cent. That is right. Not a brass farthing! I will tell you what you get, then you can go and look at it. Click the link to the site and check if you have to pay a cent for the Free membership.
Once you have looked at the site, do your due diligence and test my claims out. I know they are true because that is how I started with them. For free, and here is what I got:-

  1. Two free websites
  2. Free hosting for both sites
  3. Free Training
  4. No expiry date on the free sites, hosting or training for as long as I use them.
  5. No commission on any money I make on the site, ever
  6. No upsells to make the sites work. Everything is there.
  7. Free 1 on 1 training

Want To Know More? Go Here

Where Do You Get This

Well, you can get it right here. Sign up for your Free Membership and then do your due diligence. The best due diligence is to try us out. It costs you nothing and you can leave at any time.

  • No contracts,
  • no canceling debit orders,
  • no sending emails.
  • Just Stop
  • Done.

The only risk you take is that you might make money, as I stated earlier. What have you got to lose?


If you have considered this carefully, you have probably come up with this question:

  • Why would anyone give away all of this and not make a cent, especially as it would cost them money?One Question

And that is a sensible question, the answer to which is simply this. Wealth Affiliates is so confident in their system that they believe you will be successful and will want more;

  • More Sites,
  • More training
  • more hosting
  • heck, more of everything that made you successful.

And they will be happy to provide you with everything you need in the Premium Membership.

What is Premium Membership? Well, they say that a picture is worth a 1000 words so here is a picture of the comparison table.


I trust that this article has been of some use to you. This is truly an incredible opportunity which I personally used. As I stated earlier, it is the only system that I have ever made money with. Besides all that the system offers, I will offer the next 10 people that apply, direct access to my 1 on 1 mentoring program to get direct access to my help and advice.

If you have any Questions, Please ask them here.Ask here


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