Small Online Business Opportunities

Finding small online business opportunities is easy – right. Just type “how do I start my own business online” into Google and you will have hundreds of article listing hundreds of opportunities, but most of the opportunities are duplicated over and over.

The next thing to sort out is whether or not you can earn what you expect from these opportunities. This is where it can sometimes get tricky but, before we go there, let me answer your question.  Small online business opportunities definitely do pay. You just need to choose wisely and work hard.

Separate The Wheat From The Chaff

As the old proverb says, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff before you can see what you have. Unfortunately, you need to go through this stage carefully but once it is done, the sky is your limit. How high does your sky go?

Many people have started out with an online presence as a hobby, only to find that it gets a life of its own and just grows beyond your wildest imagination. not all small online business opportunities stay small, by intent or accident. You just have to get the formulae right.

Many articles suggest “surveys”. Really, are they genuinely recommending surveys? Most surveys offer pennies per online surveyssurvey if they offer money at all. Most offer coupons or rewards etc. If you find one that pays money, it pays $0.35 cents for a survey that takes 33 minutes to complete. You are often lucky if you get 3 – 7 surveys a month. You do the sums. Do Surveys work? There are many more such recommended businesses that just waste your time.

I am a great supporter of:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online stores and
  • Blogging.

All of these have the potential to bring in serious incomes. The only variable is you. If you treat it like a business and put in the work, the businesses will work for you.


Recognising The Chaff

The first thing you need to do is to recognise the chaff, and there can be a lot of it at times. Whatever you do, do not rush in or become desperate to start because you will probably lose money. My stock in trade advice “Do your own due diligence”.

You can Google and get a lot of sites that give you “Reviews” of systems and products but in actual fact, these reviews are written in such a way as to entice you onto the site to convince you to sign up or purchase through their link. These sites are often written to just make the product or system look good

So how do I recognise chaff! Well, I have a lot of practice at it. I have been trying online for years and have paid lots of “school fees”. After a few years of failure, I found a common thread in all of the “Grey” systems and products:

  •  Pay First Before you try
  • Try for 30 days and then lose your privileges if you don’t pay.

Now, My viewpoint is that if you had confidence in your product, why should the people pay to try it out? If it is good, they will pay to make full use of it. Some people like to test things out for a few months before making a decision. You can hardly do an online business service by testing it for 30 days. Google probably will not even have found your site in that period, so how can you succeed?

Choose the Wheat

The trick is to select the best from the wheat and this is often easier said than done.After years of school fees, I just decided that I was going to determine what I expected from the business and I would not accept anything else. So I wrote my list:

  • No upfront paymentupfront payment
  • No expiry date on trial period.
  • No compulsory upgrade to make use of other facilities that should be part of the program to allow it to function.

Why I set these standards is quite important because they, the scammers, use these criteria to force you to pay and pay and pay!

Upfront Fees:  This is one of the biggest catches. They offer a no-risk trial and then promptly make you pay an upfront fee, telling you that there is a guaranteed refund policy of up to 30, 60 or 90 days. Have you ever tried to get a refund from these guys? Once they have your money, if the program is not automated, you never hear from them, let alone recover your money.

Fixed Term Trial Period:   This is another sleazy way to get your money. And to make it worse, They brag that they give you 60 or 90 day trial periods. So you work on the program for up to 90 days and then you have to start paying when it is unlikely (but not impossible) that you would be making an income off the site.

You have now invested all your time and effort into the site and you are possibly just starting to see some movement on your site but no cash yet.  Now they tell you to pay $$$ or lose your site so you pay the $$$ so that you don’t waste all that time and energy.

Compulsory Upgrade So you paid the $$$ and now you are roaring to go and…but wait, another invoice! Pay hosting fee of $15.00 a month or lose….all your work and the $$$ you paid to sign up.And so it goes on, extorting money from you at every turn.

Fortunately, this is not true for every programme. I decided that I required the following from a program before I joined:

  • No upfront feesNo Credit Card
  • The system must work without any upgrades. (I do not mind upgrades to help you automate the system, make it work faster and additional “non-essential” services but they cannot be a must have to get the system to work).
  • No expiry of the trial period.

So, you ask why a company would give you all of this for free? How would they make money? Well, I believe that if they have a product that works and they let me use the non-automated version for free, with basic training and they give me the website and hosting to apply this knowledge, as soon as I see it working and making some money, would I not upgrade to the automated, improved product to make more money quicker?

So yes, they would be giving away:

  1. one subdomain
  2. hosting for 1 domain
  3. bandwidth
  4. training

All this for free. If their product is as good as they claim it to be, we would all be:

  • making money in months
  • Wanting more money
  • using our income to upgrade to the faster more automated system
  • creating additional websites to have more income streams
  • Paying them money.

Is that a tall order, unrealistic? After a few months of searching, I started to believe that it was but I was not prepared to lose more money so I continued searching. It took a while but I found a program that

  1. offered 2 websites
  2. Hosting for both websites
  3. Training

and all of this was at no charge. No matter how much I made from the sites, there was no charge. Yes, everything was manual but EVERTHING that I needed was available and worked, including the training. No upgrades required, no expiry date, no hidden fees. It was awesome. I was so impressed with the results that within a month, I upgraded to the premium version where I can now host 50 sites at no additional charge.

I currently have 4 sites and for the first time ever, I am making an income online. Even my offline network marketing business benefited.  Now I make more from online marketing than I do from the word of mouth and offline marketing. Absolutely awesome.

Can I answer this question “Small Online Business Opportunities – Do They Pay”? absolutely and with confidence. Small online business opportunities online pay, and they can pay very well. It is not overnight riches and no push button system. You need to be prepared to follow the training and put in the work and even on the free system, you can make money. It just takes a little more work.

Small Online Business Opportunities

How to Start My Own Business Online That Pays

To answer your question “How to Start My Own Business Online That Pays?” is easy for me. For you ……it is going to take some effort. You need to decide:

  •  if you really want it
  • are you willing to learn
  • will you put in the hours
  • will you stay the course
  • will you be consistent in your efforts?

If you cannot say yes to all 5 questions, then stay away. If you are “going to try” then you will fail. You have to have that burning passion and desire to succeed and intend to do it, not just try. Anything short of this and you will try and you will fail, But

If you answer YES to all five questions, you are in for a wild ride where you will:

  • be excited,
  • Challenged
  • have fun
  • have a sense of achievement
  • feel liberated because everything you do has a direct impact on your success
  • Rewarded for your hard work.

Just consider this for a moment. If you can get 1 site to make 100 dollars a month, could you do it with a second site? Yes! And ageing with 5 sites or 10 or 50 sites? $100 x 50 = $5000 a month. You will not make this overnight. It takes work and time but your sites are not limited to $100 a month, you may have a couple making $1000 or even 1 making $10 000 pm.First step

So, If you have answered yes to all 5 questions above and you are determined to start your own business online, you have taken a step in the right direction. Now you will want to know “What Is The First Step To Starting An Online Business”?

Due Diligence

What do I mean by Due Diligence, well, don’t take my word alone for it? check out what I have stated and make sure that you are comfortable with the facts. People only get scammed when they do not do their due diligence properly. If I say so myself, the one big PLUS in my favour is that you have nothing to lose. Your biggest risk is that you might make money online without laying out a cent. No Paypal, No credit card details and no cheques, just your effort.

So, having done your Due Diligence, you are now wanting to put Wealthy Affiliates to the test with it’s Free Membership This is what you will need to do:

  1. Hide your credit card – you don’t need it.
  2. Open a free account here
  3. Follow the training step by step.
  4. Go here and ask for HELP anytime you get stuck or need help (bookmark this page).


In Conclusion

This opportunity is being taken up by thousands and can change your life without any risk. Unusual isn’t it? If you have any questions, please to not hesitate to ask.




If you have comments, I would be keen to read them. Please leave them below.

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