In my quest to help you earn money online, I am going to explain to you what a niche is, how to select a niche and how to turn it into a unique brand. If you look around as you go about your daily life, you will no doubt recognise brands like:

  • Coca-cola,
  • Nike
  • Apple
  • Rainbow Chickens and
  • Etoll

There are thousands more out there and you will, no doubt, recognise their logo when you see it or their USP when you hear it on the radio.
I know that we do not have the marketing budget that they have and that you are just starting out, but this should be your aim. You want to be the authority in your niche, whatever your niche is.

What Is A Niche

Many people get really caught up in understanding and choosing a niche. The number of people that ask for assistanceA Brick Wall with this is really lacking as often people are too embarrassed to ask for help. So the first lesson in selecting your niche is:-

ASK FOR HELP IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OR HIT A BRICK WALL. No, I am not raising my voice, but I do want to emphasise the importance of asking for help, with any aspect of your business. We all had to learn and I was just lucky I found the right platform where I could as freely and get spot-on advice and training from experts. No, I did not have to pay them for their advice or training, it was free.

Click here to view a video lesson from the Wealthy Affiliates platform that will help you understand what a niche is.

In short, to answer the question, what is an online marketing niche, a niche is a group of people interested in the same thing. For Example, Horses, but it does not stop there.

Narrowing The Niche

Now horses is a pretty broad term and it would be pretty difficult to become an authority in such a broad niche (there are only 856 000 000 relevant sites in that niche). Now I am not saying it would not be possible but, it would probably take years, lots of money and many hundreds (if not thousands) of articles. The best solution to this would be to narrow it down to a specific sub-niche. For example:Show Jumping horse

  • Thoroughbreds (370 000 sites)
  • Showjumpers (713 000 results)
  • Dressage
  • Cart horses or
  • a specific breed of horse.

Consider this, More than 3.2 billion people access the web. That is a huge target audience and it is unlikely, or dare I say impossible, that you could write posts to cater to all their interests. You really want to draw people that are looking for what you offer. So, is it not more practical to target a specific section of the market that would be looking for your Product.

If you built buggies or carriages, why would you target people that only do dressage or rodeos? Now, if you manufactured saddles and bridles, then you would target a slightly wider equestrian audience. This is the same for any niche. You need to narrow your niche down so that you get visitors that are looking for what products and services you provide. You don’t want to be trying to sell Pugs to a person wanting a Labrador for hunting.

What Is A Brand

A Brand is a type of product or service manufactured or provided by a particular company under a particular make, line or label. When Cellular phones first came out in the 80s, the big names were Nokia and Ericson. They were considered the most reliable. Now people are drawn to the Apple iPhone or the Samsung phones.

People tend to assign a standard of quality to a brand. They like the features or service and its reliability, amongst other things. If you want to build a reputable brand, you had better know what your visitors want and ensure you are providing that product or service of the quality they expect, consistently.

Note the way I slipped in the word consistently at the end of the last paragraph. This is of prime importance. If you get it right 9 out of 10 times, your visitors or customers will only remember that you get it wrong every 10th time, consistently.

Building a brand is hard work and takes time. A lot of time. Destroying a brand also takes time, one time, and it could destroy all your hard work.

Key Word Relevance

Now I have often referred to the importance of keywords in my previous posts and on the whole, they are pretty relevant in SEO. There is, however, somewhat of a to and fro in this regard in relation to Branding your site. If you do a quick search on google for”branding” and you will see that only 1 or two domain names are relevant to branding. The rest are so far off the mark, you would never think that they would be dealing with branding.

I believe that it is far more important to have a Domain (brand) name that is concise and easy to remember, after all, you want the people to remember it until they get to their PC or phone. Of course, if the name is relevant to the niche, all the better. The longer the name, the more it is possible that there are going to be a spelling mistake and you might lose the visitor.

Using Your Own Name As A Brand

This is a weighty issue as there are Pros and Cons for this. .Transparent


  • It could be easy to find the domain name
  • It makes your company transparent and personal
  • Using your own name allows you to appear affordable


  • Your own name can make it too personal
  • Your own name can make you seem inexperienced
  • Your own name can make it difficult to charge market-related prices

Building The Brand

Building a brand is not something that occurs overnight. It takes lots of learning, planning, and hard work. Yes, you can make money online while building your brand. When you start earning money, it means that there is an element of trust growing and that is what you need when building your brand.

You need to provide quality content to your visitors and your content should be original and in your own style. By developing your own style(voice) it will permeate throughout your entire site.

Develop a logo to place on your page, e-books, giveaways and the likes. Don’t underestimate the power of giveaways and email lists. Build your list and use your logo on every outgoing email. Every time you publish a post, post it to Google+ and send out an email broadcast to your list informing them of the post and providing them with a link to the post.

To Sum It All Up

There is no right or wrong here, Using your own name or a business name has been done many times before and they both have huge success stories and failures. I believe success or failure is not dictated by the name of the company in general but by the manner in which it is managed. If your name is particularly long or difficult to spell, I would consider using a Business name.

Keep up to date with your market and keep your posts relevant and of good quality. If your post does not Identify a problem and does not solve your visitor’s problem, why will your visitor read it?

Your Opinion Counts

If you have any comments about this or any of my other posts, please leave them below. If you have a question, Please ask it here and I will get back to you.

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