With all the fake work from home scams going around, I thought that I might show people how to start a work from home Business opportunity for women…and men for that matter. I will show you how to work from home in South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, the Philippines or Nigeria. Heck, this can be done from anywhere in the world.Work from home

In this article, I will show you how to earn at home, It’s not rocket science and you can learn how to earn dollars. This is not a get rich scheme and I will show you how to do it without using your credit card. So If you want to earn extra income from home in South Africa or want to learn how to make your income online, read on and I will show you how, how Affiliate Marketing can be a great income generator if you put in the effort and do it consistently. NO! You will not need your credit card, guaranteed.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is, put simply, marketing other people’s product online. There are many ways to do this but I am going to show you how to do it while having fun and not spending money on it, especially when you are starting out.

I am going to show you how to make money by telling your own stories in your own style, online. No, don’t get nervous. It is great fun and you will only be worried until you do it the first time. You do not need special writing skills. You will even become an authority in your niche. You don’t know what a niche is? It is simply a group of people interested in the same thing, e.g. Woman’s accessories or cooking or painting.

Take Stock Of Your AssetsHobby

Before you start planning your business, you need to take stock of your assets. No, not how rich you are or how much you have in belongings, but:-

  • what are you good at,
  • what can you do,
  • What skills do you have,
  • what are your hobbies and
  • what do you love to do.

You will see that I have got “what can you do” and “what do you love to do” on the list. No, they are not the same. I am sure that there is a multitude of things that you can do, but you do not necessarily like doing them, like picking up your dog’s piles. You can, but you probably don’t enjoy it. These other are all the things you love or would love to do. You probably haven’t done a lot of them in a while but you are still passionate about them, like running through a puddle of water barefoot or laying back with a good book and a slab of chocolate.

The point I am making is that we all have a list of things that we can convert into an online business to help us earn a living online, without investing a lot of money, if any money at all.

Shop Or Blog Spot?

The next decision is to decide whether you want a Shop, i.e. an online store, or a Blog Spot, a Website on which you post articles(blogs). What is the difference? Well, I am sure that you have received emails advertising article for sale, for example, Clothes, Jewelry, Quad Copters, iPhone s etc. and when you click on an item, you get to a page with lists of items in that category. You can then choose an item, pay for it online and they will post it to you. That is an online store and no, you do not have to keep stock in your garage. The affiliate company takes care of the stock, payment, and dispatching of the items. You just sit back and collect the cheque (nowadays EFT) from them.

A Blog is a website where you post article, stories, review etc. You then link a relevant affiliate item to that article or story and you sell that Item. Every article can market 3 or more of the same type of item or other relevant items. The same applies to blogging regarding stock, payments, and shipping.

Research Your Niche

Choosing a niche for a shop is not as narrow as it is for a blog. A shop can get away with a wide range of items for saleResearch your niche and you can market them with ads PPC, social media etc. If you plan to use Blogs to promote your shop, you will probably do better, having websites for different niches so that you can write authoritatively on each niche site to build a following to market your wares to.

For a blog site, the narrower the niche, the better. For example, If you have a number of skills, you should not try to blog on all of them on one site. It will probably be difficult and take a longer time to get your articles and site to rank on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. For example, if you enjoy dressmaking, Cooking and athletics, if you write articles on all three topics, the chances are that you will lose 2 out of three people because they are only interested in one of your hobbies. It would be better starting a website on just one of the three and then opening sites for the other two as and when you can. This way you will appeal to the people that enjoy your hobby and they will not have to read about things in which they have little or no interest.

When I do my research, I use a technique called Alphabet soup, using google. If you are not familiar with the technique, follow THIS link for a lesson on how to do alphabet soup.

When doing your research, you will need a good keyword search tool. I use Jaaxy. You can click on the link below to try it out. No credit card needed for the first 30 searches. More than enough for your first website’s development.

Choose Your Domain Name (Business Name )

Before you rush out and buy a name, do your research, keyword search, and own evaluation. Once you have done all of this and decided on a name, WAIT! There is no rush and it will cost you more money to change the name and search engines do not like it when you change the name. In fact, you cannot, you need to start a new site.

Take a day or three and bounce your domain name off friends and colleagues. Don’t be scared to change your mind at this point. Just remember, every time you decide on a new name, stop and go through the process again. Get it right before you buy it.

Yes, I know I said that I will show you how to get started without using your credit card, and I will, but it will be a little further in the post.

Where To Get Your Services

There are some services that you will need. In some cases, you will have them already so that will be a saving. In other cases, You will need to source them. Some I will be able to show you how to get them without having to pay for them.

Your internet connection – DSL, Fiber, ISP. These have become a normal item in most households these days. If you do not have internet, you will need to get access to the internet. In some Cities, like Pretoria, you can get free wireless access or drive to a Wimpy, Spur, Mugg and Bean or another business that provide free internet connection.

Web hosting You will need a “Host ” for your web page. You may have a service provider already if you have your own web page. If not, you may source one locally or, this is one of the Items I can help you with later. Do not rush out to get a service provider just yet. No cost is better than spending cash.

What Web design program to use? This is a no brainer really. You can use any of the free services like Joomla and the likes. Again, I use Word Press and it is part of the package that I will show you that does not need a credit card, EFT or cash.

Your Domain As I mentioned above, you do not need to rush out and buy a new domain if you have not got one already. I will show you how to do this without incurring costs.

Training Very NB Most people require training in the field of affiliate marketing and I was no exception when I started. The difference is that I have invested unnecessarily I might add, as most of them never gave specifics, but vague instructions on how to (never) succeed. There are some extremely good programs out there and for the really good ones, especially at the advanced level, they are premium packages, but well worth it. You will not need to upgrade to a premium package at this stage, or even if you so desire, as I will show you where to get the complementary training that is top class for beginners.

Don’t forget due diligence This is of vital importance. You must check out the companies that you are going to do business with. Can you contact them directly? How good is their support structure? how long have they been around? is their pricing comparable with others? how good is their training? Do you get what they promise?

Affiliate links Before you buy your domain name, you might like to search for affiliate programs that fit your niche. You need to make sure that they are available in South Africa, or your country, if you are in another country. You also need to establish how they pay out, the frequency of payments, what methods and banks they use etc. Some Affiliate programs pay by checks that some South African Bank’s do not accept. Get this all sorted before you sign up with them.

Once you have done your due diligence on the affiliate programs, and you should have a few, you can sign up for the ones you have chosen, download your affiliate link, the banners and ads that they provide for insertion into your blogs.

The Big Day Has Dawned

The Big Day Has Dawned

Now you need to start doing, so I will now explain to you how you can start without paying a cent. Interested? Be sure, there are no catches, no need for credit cards or the likes.

Things you need to do now that you have got:-

  • your domain/business name,
  • your internet access
  • your affiliate links????

What, some affiliate companies would not give you access because you needed to enter your URL, which you do not have yet! Oops…yes some do require your URL, some even require you to have a certain number of followers first. No problem, These you will leave out for now, until your website meets their criteria. There are plenty that you can join now.

So, back to the subject at hand, where do you start without any startup costs? Well, Let me ask you this first, if I can get you:

  • Two websites
  • Hosting for both sites,
  • Awesome training for beginners,
  • all on one platform, and
  • all of this would cost you nothing

would that interest you? Of course, it would, especially as it does not expire in 30, 60 or 90 days but lasts as long as you want it to. There are no mandatory upgrades. Upgrades, what do I mean by upgrades?
Ignore that! There is a voluntary upgrade that you may choose to take but, you do not need it now. Once you get your sites “in the Black” earning money and they can pay for the upgrade, then you can consider getting 50 sites to earn you money. Until then, ignore it if you will.
Do you want to start? Well, click here or on the banner below.

build an online business with

Build Your Site Skeleton

If you are following the training on Wealthy Affiliates, you will know to develop the following pages first:

  • About me
  • Privacy policy
  • Affiliate disclosure
  • Contact me

I would suggest that you have your Blog Roll as your home page. This places your newest article at the top of the list on your home page. You can still classify your articles into categories with the categories appearing on the Menu.

Build your shop if you are going to use one – I don’t, but that is my preference at this time. I will probably build a shopping site when I am happy with all the websites that I am currently working on. If you signed up for Wealthy Affiliates in the above links, adding a store is easy with WordPress and Woocommerce. Just follow the instructions. If You get stuck, drop me a note here.

Pre Build SEO

Author  You should set up your authorship in WordPress. This is dealt with in the training of Wealthy Affiliate.

Google My Business Setup your business on Google My Business if you are running your site for your local business as well. This does not apply to affiliate marketing and online Shops.

Plan Content You need to plan your site’s layout and categories so that you can develop your site in an orderly fashion. You want it to be easy to navigate for your visitors.
Affiliate Products Plan suitable affiliate products to advertise and the type of articles that you will write to promote them. Do not forget to make use of article reviews. Be honest and objective about the products giving the Pros and Cons of the product.

Crunch Time – Write A BlogCrunch time

So now it is crunch time. Time to write your first blog and the nerves are showing. Even Super MLM specialists like Tim Sales had to practice getting it right. Tim used to place his big stuffed dog on the opposite end of the table and do his pitch while recording it. If you think about it, this is a good idea for beginners. Your post should be like speaking to someone else. So:-

  • Keep it sociable,
  • Interesting and
  • Relevant

Keep in mind that you are trying to help someone and that your post is not a sales pitch. If it reads like a sales pitch you will lose your visitor. No visitor, no possibility of a sale.

Remember keywords play a role but not as much as they used to. Place your keywords:-

  • in Page Name,
  • in the URL and
  • once in the first paragraph and NO MORE.

You can now place 2 or three other keywords in your post, once each. You don’t want the search engine to think you are keyword stuffing and penalize you for it. By concentrating on helping your visitor with their problem or need, you will include a lot of keywords that rank that you did not even think of.

Remember the photos and videos. People are visual creatures. Include videos and lots of pictures in your post. I try not to let a picture scroll off the page before the next one appears. With regard to videos, I would host them on YouTube and embed them on your blog post so that you do not slow down your site with excess videos. Don’t forget the alt texts in your images. They play an important role in ranking.

Internal and external links These links help with your ranking as well. Internal links are links linking one post to another post on your site. External links are links from other sites to your site and vice versa. To get external links, you can make use of social media, referring people to your pages. Be careful how you do it so that you are not banned for spam.

Post Blog To-Dos

So now you have written your post and posted it on your site, what now? Now you can help the search engines list your site as quickly as possible. Remember that a new site will take longer to rank pages than a mature site. That is just the way it is. There are technical reasons that I am not going into now. To help your site rank, here are a few things you can do:-

  • Share with Google +
  • Fetch as Google
  • Share with other social media

21 Minutes After Post

Google your Keyword and see if you are on page one. New site!…probably not yet, but as your site becomes more mature and authoritative it will show sooner. I have seen sites rank pages in 12 minutes, but do not take any suggested time as a norm. The niche, age of the website, it’s authority and the quality of the content all play a role in the listing of your Post.

Plan tomorrows To- Do List

Before you knock off for the day, plan tomorrow’s to-do list while it is all still fresh in your mind. Once you have planned the to-do list, STICK TO IT! Anything else that comes in you should add to tomorrows to do list unless you finish today’s to-do list early.

Reviews And How-Tos

It is always a good idea to add a few product reviews to your site. They are popular with searchers and convert better. I would suggest that you have a Product Review for each product. Doing this, when you write articles that relate to products that you market, you can link to the Product Review. The visitor can then click on the link to the product seller from that page.

The reason that I suggest this is that search engines do not like sites that have pages and pages of Sales Copy. By linking out to sales pages all the time you run that risk. If you have 3 or 4 pages linking to the Product Review which in turn links out to the sellers’ product page, you then have only 1 page that could look like a sales page. 🙂

How to earn money online

In Conclusion

Do you want to know exactly what you get in the starter package and what the upgrade is? See Here.

Was This Useful

I hope that you have found this article constructive. If you have, please like and share it below. Your opinion counts so please also leave your opinion in the comments box below.

If you have any questions, Please ask them here and I will get right back to you. Your questions will also enable me to create posts that answer these questions for everybody.


  • James Underwood

    Great post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’m currently working 3 jobs, and am sick of all 3! I really like the idea of making money online, I had no idea that anybody can just sign up online. I particularly like the alphabet soup video. I can’t wait to get started! Thank you so much for posting this.

    • Bryan Botha

      Hi James, I am pleased you found the article helpful. The alphabet soup search really works and will help a lot of people find the right Keyword and niche. Affiliate marketing is truly and awesome manner of earning a living online.

      Wishing you well.


  • Weston

    Great article! Lots of helpful information. The internet has changed marketing and a lot of other jobs. It has created a lot of new opportunity for people who don’t want to stick to the dead end 9 to 5 job. But it is sad how many scams are on the internet. I appreciate you explaining how to make money from home in a legit way.

    Affiliate marketing is probably the top way to earn money online. It has the most potential to bring in a lot of money. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for almost a year now and love it. It gives me the freedom I want. I like your tip on taking stock of your assets. If you don’t want this to feel like another job, you should look into your interests and skills. That’s a freedom everyone would appreciate, being able to make money while doing what you love.

    Another freedom and cost saver that I love about affiliate marketing is that I don’t have to make my own products or worry about shipping costs. I simply advertise and promote someone else’s products or services.

    Thank you for your helpful tips.


    • Bryan Botha

      Hi Weston, Thanks for your comment. you are absolutely correct. Taling stock of your assets before starting anything is absolutely essential if you want to succeed at anything you love or are interested in but, as I said before, please do your due diligence. 

      Good luck with you Affiliate Marketing endeavors.


  • Great post! You went into a lot of detail for people who are wanting to work from home. I love how flexible it can be when starting an online business. However, I find most people view online businesses as scams. I know I did when I first learned about affiliate marketing. I had to understand that there are some people out there who are trying to scam you, but this is not always the case. Affiliate marketing is legit! I am very new to it and so far I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love writing so it gives me some me time. Which I need as a mom of three! How long have you been doing affiliate marketing?

    • Hi Heather, Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there and it give legitimate businesses a bad name. All we can do is keep our visitors informed and show them how to avoid scams. I started with affiliate marketing in 1996 and went through the ringer trying to find legitimate platforms. Luckily for me I have found one that provides far more than we signed up for and they just keep upgrading the system and giving us more tools. Wealthy affiliates is truly awesome.

  • John Rico

    Hey there! I’m a student and I’m looking for an extra money online. I heard about affiliate marketing before but I really don’t know what is it about and what is it for. Luckily, I found and read your article that talks about wealthy affiliate. I found your article very informative and helpful especially to a person like me who doesn’t know anything. Thank you for sharing this information and hope that I could earn money from this.

    • Bryan Botha

      Hi John, I am please you found my article. If you follow the steps, you can start an online business for free and earn an income. I just takes the willingness to learn, time and effort. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors


  • Jonas

    My 9to5 work is killing me and I have been watching hundreds of youtube videos about the subject, but I have to say that this article really digs deep into affiliate marketing!

    My dream is to work for myself, as an affiliate marketer that dream could become reality if I work enough, that’s what I have been telling myself. But lately I have been losing hope… Your post restored that hope, and I am really looking forward on following your tips.

    How many blog posts do you personally suggest I should write in a month for my website to be recognized as a “authority site”?

    • Bryan Botha

      Hi Jonas, l am glad this article has inspired you again. It is truly the answer to working from home and earning an income online. 

      There is no fixwed rule. It depend on your circumstances. You need to take your free time into account. It takes time to research and write an an article. If you work 9 – 5 you should try and do one article a week. The more you write the better but do not try and post 2 or three articles in 1 day. spread them out over a few days to show the search engines consistency.

      All the best with your.online endeavors.


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