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How To Make The Most With A Free Affiliate Marketing Website

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How To Make The Most With A Free Affiliate Marketing Website

Making the Most with a free affiliate marketing website does not need to cost you anything! Well, That is not exactly true. It does’not have to cost you cash, but it will cost you in time and effort. So yes, it will be free in that you do not have to fork out cash or use your credit card. You will need to put in your time and effort, as with any successful business.

The How-To is what you are here for and the technical stuff is all taken care of. All I need from you is your time and effort. Before you can make the most of your affiliate marketing business, you need to have a suitable site that is set up to draw and help visitors. Only once you have visitors that have confidence in you and your site can you start thinking to monetise your site.

We will start with setting up your web page in this post and will follow with the how to make the Most with a free affiliate marketing website. So here goes.

Why Affiliate Marketing

Super Affiliate

Simply put, the internet is the future. Companies that do not market on the internet are simply going to fade away. This being said, a simple company web page is not enough. How does a business attract customers to their site? This is where Affiliate marketing comes in.

Every affiliate marketer that a company has is like having a full-time salesperson that works 24/7/365 directing visitors to their site. Not just visitors, but people that are looking for a specific product or products that that business markets.

Businesses are prepared to pay an affiliate marketer a fee for referring visitors to their site if the visitor purchases an item. Many of the successful affiliate marketers have many websites marketing specific products. Each website brings in an income, however small. Add them all together and you end up with a sizable income.

Which Affiliate Program

There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can join, some of which areScam Alert better than others. The secret is to find a few – or many affiliate programs that enable you to make an income online.

First Things First

The first thing to do is to find a topic that you are interested in or one in which you have experience and expertise. It is far easier and more satisfying to write about something that you are interested in and you will therefore probably be more successful.

By this, I am not saying that you will not succeed in a new field. It will probably just take longer and probably be more “work”. When you consider the topic (Niche/market) that interests you, you will probably find more than one and this is fine. The more the merrier. Just don’t try to start them all at once.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time. Choose the one you think is best and start with that. The rest can follow later.

Your Domain Name

So, for those new to the internet, what is a domain? Basically, it is your address to your domain. Just as your home has a street address, so too does your online business, to your Domain.

Choosing a name is a personal choice. Some like to have their own name (if it is available) and others like a catchy phrase. you can make either work but it is recommended that your domain name should, if possible, relate to your niche. For example, if you are in the car spares niche, you would want to choose a relevant name.

If you sell second-hand Vehicle Spares in South Africa, you want to link your domain to vehicle spares. You could try “secondhandspares.co.za” but that could bring visitors looking for sewing machine spares, stove spares or computer spare. A better choice would be Secondhandautospares.co.za.

I believe that a shorter name is better for people to remember but, if it makes sense like secondhandautospares.co.za, people are likely to remember it because it makes sense and is relevant to what they are looking for.

Do a Google search and see what type of names people are using. If you type in your niche in the search bar, Google will give you a drop-down list of terms that people are searching for in that niche currently. This will give you some ideas to used to come up with a Domain Name.

Once you have your domain name idea, you need to see if it is available.

Try this Keyword Research tool for your domain name ideas

Signing Up For A Free Account

To sign up for a free account, click on the screenshot below and you will be taken to that page to sign up. It is simple, Fill in your details and click on the green “create your free account now! button”

WA Signup Page

Setting Up Your Website

So now you have your free Wealth Affiliate account. Now you need to set up your website. Don’t panic! it is simple and you can fix things as you go along.

The first thing you need to do is check if your Domain name is available. Click on the link below and sign up for a free account.

var jtrack = “1f13e1fa”;

OK. Now type in the Domain Name that you selected a click search. You will then get a message whether the domain name is available or not. If it is not available, type in your second choice.

Once your Domain name is accepted it will look like this example “mydomain.siterubix.com”. SiteRubix is the main domain that hosts all the free domains as “sub-domains”.

Next: Now you go to the Websites tab on the left of your WA screen.

Next: This will open the next tab where you click on the Site Domains button.

Site Domains Button

Next: That will open the next page where you select “On a Free Domain”

On a Free Domain

Next: This will open a drop down menu where you need to fill in your Domain name that you chose earlier.

Drop down box

Next: You also need to complete your domain name in a traditional reading format. For example, if your domain name is “Secondhandautospares”

Your site name would be “Second Hand Auto Spares”.

The next stage is to choose a theme and there are a few to choose from (3996). choose a Theme

Next: Once you have selected your theme, You will be taken to the next screen to build your site.

Build your site

Next: You will then see this screen and it will take less than 30 seconds to build your site.

Hold tight building your site

Next: Your site is Done

  1. Now Comes The Content!


Now Comes The Content

Having got this far, you are well on the way. You have a web page but it is nowhere near what you want it to be. It has a lot of pages you don’t want and there are a few admin pages that you need that are still to be done. No Fear. Most of the Admin Pages are in the “Template” section and just need some minor adjustments before you publish them. So, Let’s get started.

Firstly: let’s delete the dummy posts that are loaded automatically when the page is built. To do this you click on the “Posts” tab in the left-hand menu.


Next: On the page that opens, Tick the box next to “Hello World”. Leave the Privacy Policy there for now.

Hello World

Next: Go down to the box that says “Bulk Action” (first arrow). A drop down box will open and you select “Move to Trash” (second Arrow) and then click apply


Next: Go to the Menu tab Posts, Select the only post listed “Hello World” and again, go down to the drop down box and select “Move to Trash” and click apply.

Now you must do the same for the last item “comments”. Go to the menu in the left column and select Comments. Move your mouse over the only comment and you will see a menu appear below it. Click on the red “Trash” button and it’s gone.

Now you have a “clean” site with nothing on it. The next step is to place the admin pages on the website. One of the pages, the privacy policy, is already there, it just needs you to complete the correct Details (i.e. your sites details) and complete what you want to have in the privacy policy.

There are a couple of other admin pages that you will need, like Affiliate disclaimer, About me and contact us pages. These will take a bit of work but we will deal with them tomorrow, in the next post, so be sure to register and get all our latest posts and training in your inbox.

Take a break and Later we can continue with the next stage.

In The Next Post

In the next post I will show you:

  1. Setting Up The Admin Pages
  2. About writing content
  3. Identify the need
  4. Supply the solution
  5. Research Keyword
  6. Research Your Headline
  7. Plan Your Article
  8. Call To Action
  9. How Many Article Must You Write
  10. How Do You Make Money
  11. The Reason Why


If you have any questions, please to be sure to ask them here and I will get right back to you.

I am keen to hear your comments so please leave your comment below now. It surely will be appreciated.

Bryan Botha

I have always been keen on having an online business. With this in mind, I had been looking for a way of achieving this since late 1996. I had tried just about every type of "system" out there and I never made a cent. I did, however, pay huge sums in school fees and all I succeeded in learning is what did not work. After years of searching, I found a system that worked for me and, as a result, this site and 3 others were born.

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