In this article I will show you How To Make A Living With Affiliate Marketing – Even In Africa. I live in South Africa and it was always a challenge trying to find products that I could sell as an affiliate marketer that shipped to Africa.

Thank Goodness, those days are all but passed. You can market most things as an affiliate marketer, and you don’t have to market just in you home country. Americans, Australians and the Europeans all buy off the internet, so too, the rest of the world, so why can you not market to them?

An independent survey commissioned by Rakuten Affiliate Network found that affiliate marketing is set to reach $6.8 billion by 2020. So I surely want some of that, don’t you?

Read on and see how you can get some of that $6.8 billion.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

The reality is that Affiliate Marketing is like most work-at-home endeavors. There are some affiliate marketers that are filthy rich while a good few are successful enough to meet their goals, and then there are the rest that aren’t making Online Businessanything.

The Question is, why are so many people not making it online? Well, the truth is, Affiliate marketing is like any other business, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the cash. It is as simple as that.

Affiliate marketing is work. It’s not strenuous, it is not rocket science, and most anyone can do it, but are they prepared to. Affiliate Marketing is simply advertising/marketing other people or business’s products for a commission.

It is a form of marketing by referral, just as when you refer a friend to a movie or a brand of coffee etc. and you do this via social media, a blog or a store on your website etc. It is a numbers game.

You need to reach enough people, through your site, to get some of them to click on the link to buy a product that you have recommended, and hey presto! you get paid.

Your Day To Day Job

Running an Affiliate business has some awesome advantages but, you have to have self-discipline. This is the single largest factor contributing to People’s failure Flexitime does not mean no time. Just like your Day to Day Job, you have chores, “must do” tasks that, if attended to as and when needs be, could net you a really nice residual income.

You know, that income that keeps on coming while you sick, on holiday or just taking some time out. But you need to earn that residual income.

How Much Can You Make

No Easy MoneyThis is usually one of the first questions asked, and the answer is, unknown. Some people make $10K a month, others $100K and then the majority earn…….oh, no work, no pay.

You know the old 80/20 rule? 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. Well that rule changes with affiliate marketing. 90% of the money is earned by 10% of the Affiliate marketers and that’s the 10% that puts in the hours of work, research and dedication.

How Long Will It Take.

This is usually the second question, and the answer is….as long as a piece of string! The so-called gurus with their get-rich-quick programs that suggest affiliate marketing can be done fast and with little effort, mislead you.

Yes, you can make money within days, but the truth is that it will probably take you longer, weeks, months maybe even a year. How long does it take you to do a diploma or a degree? Then you can earn a salary every month and you work set hours and so on.

Is it not worth it to take the time, research, learn the skills, and write the content so that you can earn a residual income in that same amount of time? unlike your day job, with affiliate marketing, the more you do the more you earn and it all come to you, not a boss!

I can tell you straight-out that, what the guru’s advise you to do is probably not going to create the $5 – $10k a month for the average person, much less a long term residual income.

Pros & Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

Before we get down to the how do you do it section, Let’s check out the why’s and why not’s


  • The low startup costs are what attract a lot of people. It is definitely true that you can start this business on a shoe string, no doubt. You must also understand that this is the slower way of starting, just as with a brick and mortar startup. TheAffiliate Marketing first while is the toughest where you do most, if not all, of the work yourself. Once the money starts flowing, then only can you think of advertising, paying for articles and additional websites to double or triple your income.
  • There is no need to create a product or service with affiliate marketing. It’s all taken care of.
  • You don’t have to stock or ship products. All that is taken care of by the product owner, and he pays you!
  • Work anytime and from anywhere as long as you have Internet access. Just make sure the work is done.
  • Passive income potential, depending on how you market your affiliates program.
  • Can be added onto an existing home business to create an additional income stream.
  • It’s ideal for bloggers, coaches, information entrepreneurs, and anyone who has a website.


  • It will probably take time to generate sufficient traffic needed to result in income.
  • A bad affiliate referral can destroy your credibility. It’s important that you ensure quality products and businesses to work with to ensure that this does not happen.
  • You have no control over the businesses’ product, service, or how it does business. You need to monitor that you have the right affiliate partners
  • There is bound to be high competition. When you find a good program, you can be sure that many others are promoting it as well.
  • The customer belongs to the merchant and is not your. Your stats will show you how many sales were made of what product. Starting a mailing list can mitigate this to some extent so you’ll have some information about who made the purchase, which makes it possible to market for re-sales.

How To Start

This is where the fun begins, and most of the Affiliate Marketers enjoy what they do. You have free rein over every facet of your business and you point it in the direction that you want it to go.

This being said, you need to get the basic right and there is a basic formula to follow. You need to start at the very beginning and try to keep to the sequence.

  1. Learn about affiliate marketing – and do this before you sign up for any programs, membership or scheme. Getting a Learn about affiliate marketinggood idea of the concept will help you get the basics setup correctly. Things like hosting, domain names, niches, etc. Do a google search for these items and make sure you have a basic understanding, or get advice from someone you trust. Don’t fork out money yet.
  2. Decide on a business format. Are you going to open an online store, Blog, make use of videos etc.
  3. Decide on a host and domain name for your website. Before you spend money, decide whether or not you are going to join a membership program that gives you free hosting, sub domains, and training or if you are going to buy a training course? It is important to decide how you are going to proceed before spending money on hosting and domain names etc.
  4. Choose the right niche. This is important but what is a niche (or neesh)? Well, I am sure you have a hobby of some sorts or some favorite skill?
    1. This is basically a niche, a topic. It is however not as simple as that. For e.g. if your hobby is tropical fish, the Niche “Tropical Fish” would be too broad and there would be too much competition, especially for a beginner. You would need to narrow the topic down.
    2. You would not be breeding every type of tropical fish would you. Let’s say your bread Siamese Fighters. You would be looking for visitors to your site that would be interested in all things Siamese fighter, tanks, heaters, filters, lights, breading tips, diseases etc.
    3. A person looking to buy items for their gold fish would not find much use for your site and would probably leaveSiamese fighter immediately. This would not afford you an opportunity to show them anything that they would be interested in, even if you happened to stock it.
    4. Far better narrowing your niche to “Breading Siamese Fighters”. Someone searching for Siamese fighters would probably be at the purchasing stage or close to it and you would have more of a chance to interest them in one of your affiliate products.

So it is important to research your niche topic properly.

5. Make sure to Choose only quality affiliate products and services.

6. Research the programs so you understand how and when you’re paid,

7. Market, market, market, Don’t rely on SEO or social media alone,

8. Start an email list.

What’s the best advice you can give someone who’s looking to make a living in this business?

The question is not whether or not affiliate marketing is a realist income option (because it is), but whether or not you can make affiliate marketing work for you.

The last thing you want to do, if you do not have a passion for online business, is to let the potential income entice you because you’ll probably never earn the income you dream of without the passion to drive you through the incredibly boring, tedious, and often stressful late nights that will come. Unemployed

The number of people who have lost their jobs, have no money, and are looking to affiliate marketing to strike it rich and pay off all their debt is tragic. Seriously, It probably will not help you immediately (although it is possible) but if you can give it 6 months to a year, it could be an answer to a prayer.

Affiliate marketing is a business, just like anything else but just online. I don’t recommend starting a new “business” by giving up your job. It;s not so easy because it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

The up side to this is that if you are unemployed or need more cash, Affiliate marketing can be started with little or no cash but, lets be honest here, It works faster if you have money to fast track it with advertising and Premium memberships etc.

“Success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted by the person you become.” Jim Rohn

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