StressHave you ever had a dream? A Dream of something that really got you fired up? A dream of finding a legitimate work from home business opportunity. You know, like all the photos show you, people sitting on the beach, at home or on their yacht, earning money. The problem with these pictures is that they are a lie.
Having said this, We all deserve a dream, a big dream, but we need to action it. We need to work on a plan and then action it. That is what makes it a dream and not a wish.

Avoid Scammers & Fraudsters When Looking For A Work From Home Business Opportunity

How many times have you been caught by the extremely clever scammers? You know the ones that have all these fancy sites promising you instant cash and get rick quick programs with push button and secret software. You know, those miracle programs that you just need to pay $45 for, only to find that you must then pay for a website and then hosting and then, usually, you need to fund your account or upgrade to get all the features.

FraudsterThese scammers just make false promises and are not interested in your success. Believe me, they only want your money. I should know as I have fallen for more than a few of their tricks, many times in my earlier days of looking for a legitimate work from home business opportunity.

I must say that I have tried some opportunities that were not real work from home business opportunities, although they claimed to be.

Is the Stress of finding a work from home business opportunity getting to you? Finding it difficult to decide who to trust? Read on and I will give you some pointers on what and what not to do.

A Work From Home Business Opportunity Or Home Based Business Opportunities

Don’t get mixed up between a Work From Home Business Opportunity or Home Based Business Opportunities. Most people consider them to be the same. They are not. A work from home business simply means that you do just that, you don’t have an office or a workshop but work from home by either going to your client’s workplace or by running an online business from home.

Home-based business is a business where you have a workshop and produce goods at home or where your clients bring their vehicles for you to service or where you run your hair salon etc. There is a difference and how you research them, their costs and requirements differ.

Have An Idea Of What Type Of Business You Want

You must have an idea of what you want before you start searching for. For example, you should have an idea of what form your business will take:

  • making clothes,
  • fixing computers,
  • tutoring or
  • an online business of some sort.

You will note that I have included all online businesses in one heading. Don’t be fooled by this, there are a lot of legit, online work from home business opportunities out there and they need to be researched carefully, not that this careful research does not apply to the other work from home business opportunity you are looking at. Due diligence is most important before you start anything, businesses, projects, road trips, they all need it.

How To Research Which Business To Consider

Please take note here that you research the different types of work from home business opportunities before you Researchconsider them. I bring your attention to this here because you will be surprised at the number of people that consider first and then research later, if at all. That is like deciding on a road trip without knowing the road conditions, is there accommodation, shops, medical facilities, pump stations etc, A recipe for disaster. Research your work from home business ideas thoroughly.

Getting Started

  • A good place to start is with Google, but here is the trick. If your business is a brick and mortar or your market is local, you need to log into the local google, e.g. if you are in South Africa. This will give you search results relevant to your geographical location, but be aware that the first lot of entries are usually paid adverts and might not be relevant to your location. Scroll down until you get the entries without “Ad” in a square box before the listing.
  • You can narrow the list by typing in your town and suburb in your entry e.g. “event+planers+moot+pretoria”. This will give you predominantly local entries. Check each page to see if it is applicable to your search and you will then have an idea of how many businesses there are in your area with websites. This list is definitely not exhaustive but it gives you an idea.
  • Check you Community Notice Boards. This is probably where your smaller competition is going to advertise because it is cheap. Most small and startup businesses do not have advertising budgets which is a serious flaw as you need to get your name out there.
  • Check on the social networks for adverts for the products or services that you are wanting to provide. Most areas have their own buy and sell pages. This will give you further information about the businesses you are researching.
  • Ask your circle of influence about their products, services that you are researching. If it is a viable business with products and services that are in demand, some of them will probably be buying the products or services and can tell you about the supplier.

Online BusinessesOnline Business

What Form will your business take? Will it be:

    • an online shop?
    • A paid membership site?
    • A blog where you sell your own products?
    • An Affiliate Site?
    • A training site?

Each of these forms of business requires its own due diligence. Each has its own pros and cons that you would need to consider and in all of them, you would have to watch out for the fraudsters and the shiny objects, i.e. Auto marketing, push-button lead generator, free trial etc. These false promises just distract you. A business is work. Anything that tries to tell you that they have the answer to effortless money, BEWARE! Business, any business, takes effort. If it is something you enjoy, it just seems effortless, but there is still an effort. The difference is that you are just enjoying it. Just like any sport, it takes effort but is enjoyable, so you participate.

PROs And CONs List

While you research your business, Have a Pen and paper ready (or an open spreadsheet if you are that way inclined. I just prefer pen and paper as I tend to remember it better) to write down the PROs and Cons for each business. Have an additional column for notes. You should make ample notes because you will forget something or attribute it to the incorrect business format is you don’t make notes.

Some things to consider in your pros and cons list of working from home opportunities are:Pros and Cons

  • Competition –
    • Who are they,
    • how strong are they
    • can you compete with them
  • Market
    • How big is the market,
    • can you get a suitable share of the market
    • What would the cost be to acquire that market share
    • How long will it take to achieve that market share
  • Profitable
    • There are many types of businesses out there and not all of them are profitable. Filling envelopes, surveys and writing comments for sites are generally a low-income business where you have to invest vast amounts of time to earn a few dollars.
    • This also applies to some off-line businesses where the only way you can make significant money is t do it on a very large scale which often requires a huge capital investment.
  • Do you have the facilities
    • Do you have the space required
    • must you add on
  • Do you have the equipment required
  • Infrastructure
    • Do you need a bigger power supply
    • Is there enough water supply
    • Will you need commercial waste removal – Very expensive -Hazardous waste -extremely expensive
    • Do you need an internet connection or do you need to improve your internet connection
    • Do you need Computer software
    • Do you have or need to upgrade a computer
    • Do you need a courier service
  • What about a websiteBuild a Website - work from home free
    • Do you need one
    • Can you design and build it
    • Hosting of your website
    • Do you need training
    • Storage
      Do you need storage space for stock and Raw Materials?
  • Transport
    • Are you going to use a courier to deliver your products or do you need your own transport
  • Drop shipping
    • Does the affiliate marketing business dropship
  • Finance
    • Is there a startup fee
    • Is the startup fee fixed or do you need to keep paying doe extras, e.g. pay for the website after 30, 60 or 90 days free trial
    • Once you have your website, do you now have to pay for Website hosting, yet another unseen cost
    • do you have to pay for images for your site
    • Is there a cost for the training
    • Don’t forget the costs of the items mentioned above like Infrastructure, Facilities, internet, transport etc.
    • NB don’t forget MARKETING COSTS

Every Business Has A Cost

Every business has a cost! Whether it is in Money, Time, Study or Relationships. Don’t let anyone try to fool you by saying that their system earns you instant or overnight cash or no experience necessary. That no experience necessary is not true. You might not need it to start, but you will need it to earn. The difference in how long it will take is in the training and your teachability.

Be TeachableBe teachable

One of the most important things I learned was that I had to accept the fact that I did not know everything. Once you grasp this and decide to follow the training, you will gain experience through the training and by doing it yourself.

I have found a number of “good” platforms that do work. The secret is in the quality of training. It does not help if the training is poor or difficult to follow with no “community” to ask for help. What happens is that you follow the training as you understand it, and ofttimes you end up doing it incorrectly or not understanding how to do it.

There needs to be a “brains trust” that you can fall back on. This applies to both online and offline businesses. What I enjoy about the platform that I use is that I can

  • ask questions,
  • ask for critical feedback on my site

and I will have people who are very successful, crit my site and point out how they think I can improve it. This is something that you really need to find in your business, on or offline. Constructive criticism from knowledgeable people (as opposed to naysayers and dream slayers) is one of the most helpful tools you will find. Find a successful businessman who can mentor you. You will be surprised at how willing most successful people are to share their knowledge and skills.

Be Prepared For What It Takes

I believe that the bigger your dream is, the better. That is what all the experts say. If you only dream of what you believe you can do, you will only achieve that. Don’t limit your options by listening to naysayers and dream slayers. Aim for more than you believe you can do and you will achieve more than you dreamed you can do.

By the same token, Understand that working from home opportunities are not miracles. You will need to work, put in the hours and keep the faith. It if far easier to give up than it is to push on and remember, you have only failed when you have stopped trying. Hard work and persistence pay off. I worked for 4 months (which is roughly the norm) before making my first sale online. Offline businesses record quicker sales in the beginning but sometimes do not make the volume of sales in the long run.

In Conclusion

Finding a suitable business is difficult at the best of times but if you are interested in

  • two websites
  • Hosting for both websites and
  • training

All of these at no charge, ever and they do not expire, even when you are making money from them you need to follow the link below. There is no catch and this I will guarantee. If this interests you, have a look here.

Your input is what counts. If you have a comment, please leave it below. If you have a question, please ask it here.

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