To know how to be the best of both – unemployed and rich, you have to know your own value, what you are worth, to yourself, your family and to society. In the video below, you will see that, If you know your value, nothing that happens to you makes you worthless.

Know Your Value

Different people look for and value different things so you need to look at from different perspectives so consider What you are worth to:-

  • yourself
  • your family as a father, husband, wife
  • your friends (or former friends if you are now poor and or unemployed)
  • ex/colleagues
  • an employer, your expertise, experience and
  • community

No matter what people do to you, they cannot take away your value, your knowledge and your love.

Acknowledge The True Situation

So now you are between jobs, retrenched, jobless or just underemployed. Maybe you just have too much month for your money and need to either shorten the month or get more money.

Good luck with shortening the month, but getting more money is a definite possibility. No matter what your situation is, there is a way to earn extra money.Shortening the Month

How can I say that there is a way to earn extra money? Well, I have been retrenched and have felt the anxiety and feelings of worthlessness.

Because of my age, I will never get work again, not that this has stopped me from applying for every post that I am qualified for.

Not until I sat down and did a serious self-evaluation did I discover that I have still got a lot of value and that there is a lot that I can do.

Because I was over 60 did not mean that I had no value and I was determined to put my knowledge and experience to good use, so I did just that.

You need to determine exactly:

  • where you are at in your life right now
  • What skills do you have
  • what knowledge you have that others want or could use (don’t forget your hobbies here)
  • What your employment prospects are
  • if you are looking for another 9-5 job
  • whether or not you want the responsibility of your own business ( this can be harder than working for a Boss and less financially rewarding at first)
  • do you need or want to move to a new location?

Define Your Dream

Now comes the fun part, and it is where you set your mind free to really dream of your ideal lifestyle;

  • Where you want to live
  • what you would like to do for a livingyour dream
  • your dream house
  • your dream car
  • how many hours you would like to work a day
  • how much money you would like to earn
  • what you would do with the money.

Now, WRITE IT DOWN! create a dream board with pictures of your dream house, dream car, dream holiday location dream bank statement. What you can’t get in pictures, write them out BIG and bold and add them to your dream board.

Check this board every day and keep the dream alive in your mind.

Do Something – But What?

A dream without action is just a wish! You need to turn that wish into a dream by taking action. There is no other way. The word action implies work, and work it is. I do not know of any way to make money other than to work, especially in the beginning, when you have no money to have other people do the work.

As a child, I was always told “anything worth having is worth working for”, so we worked for our pocket money, worked for our personal wants like new “Baggies”, books, money to go camping etc.

If your wish is worth a dream, work for it. You need to evaluate your dream and decide on how to activate it, whether you need to:-

  • get a job
  • start your own business
  • work from home
  • start an online business
  • study

There are thousands of options and you have to make a choice. It is often difficult because, if you are unemployed and financially challenged, as I was, most things cost money to start but not all.

I have had my own business, started many online businesses and worked from home. They all cost me money.

The only two businesses that I made money with were my Security business and my current online business. The first cost me thousands to start while the second I started for free. Well, I already had the computer and the internet so it did not cost me any extra.

Avoid Shiny Objects

One thing I have learned over the years is that shiny object cost money and those done for you, push a button, overnight riches online businesses are a lie. They cost you plenty and deliver nothing. Whatever you do, do not try to take shortcuts.

As I said earlier, If it is worth having, it is worth working for, so work for it. there is no shortcut. Shortcuts cost money and don’t deliver.

I have tried many and almost gave up on online businesses. They always wanted money up front or would let you try them out for a limited period before requiring you to produce your credit card, over and over. I eventually found out how Affiliate Marketing works, and it does work.

Affiliate Marketing – Low Cost No Cost

There are many platforms for affiliate marketing and many of them are successful and people make a lot, and I mean aaffiliate marketing lot of money on them, but you have to sift the seed from the chaff. For more on what to avoid, read this article.

Affiliate marketing is an awesome low cost, or even no cost (as I started) way of starting an online business.

By starting an online business does not mean that you will sit back and rake in the money from day one, or even on day 180. By this, I am not suggesting that you won’t earn money soon after you start but it takes work.

The money you make and how soon you start earning is directly proportional to how hard you work and how quickly you try to learn new skills. Yes, If you have money, you can make it happen a little faster but you can start and earn money soon without having a bankroll to start with.

In Conclusion

If I could show you how you can start with 2 free websites to make money with, free hosting and free lessons to get you on your way. No credit card needed, no upsells needed and the sites are yours for as long as you use them….for free, even if you make a mint off them, would you be interested? Then follow this link.

Most people have questions but never ask them. Please ask your questions here:


  • Leah Vanier

    Loved reading through this post! It is so true that if you don’t have to work for it, it is probably not real. One of the things I hate the most is everything is saturated with scams of get-rich-quick schemes and it is hard to find the real gems out there.

    I have been trying to make money online for almost a year now, but it wasn’t until I decided what my goals were and what my own value was, that I had the confidence to actually go for it. I always had excuses as to why it wasn’t working, but it was always me in the end.

    Thank you for sharing this. It is a great reminder of why we join this business adventure!

    • Bryan Botha

      Hi Leah, Too True. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. There is nothing for nothing. The least you usually pay is hard work, because that is what it takes to succeed.

      WA is the only program I have truly had success with.

  • SmileAfresh

    Hi Bryan,
    That’s a nice posting right there. I have really identified with the situation of needing to shorten the month because, like a rat race, I find myself to always be in cycles of having left more month than money at any given time- including on payday. I thus really support your idea of self worth and self value has filled me with a sense of it’s not too late to do something- and I’m going to go for success.

    • Bryan Botha

      Success is within your grasp. You need to make a decision on what your are going to do going forward. You can have it all, but it really takes work and persistence. 

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