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How Is Affiliate Marketing not a scam? Simple. You can start affiliate marketing without spending a cent. All you need is access to the internet and you are ready to start. What scam enables you to start for free and make money?

There are, of course, people that will charge you thousands to start, but that is really not necessary. The only factor that determines your success is….. you got it….YOU! If you are in a great hurry to start earning, you need to pay.  “WHAT…. you just said that it was free”!

Well, no I didn’t. I said it won’t cost you a cent! That is not free. You will paynothing for free with:

  • your time,
  • your hard work and
  • by learning.

If you are a beginner, and you probably are or you would not be here, there are things that you could do that would cost you money in affiliate marketing, but they are not a must.

Joining a premium membership, advertising and buying specialist tools etc, can help you achieve your goals faster and possibly more efficiently but, they are not a must.

Let’s get through all the “scam” Questions and then I will show you how to start your business without a cent, and if you feel that you want them, what premium add-on I would suggest if you have the budget and are in a hurry to get to your target income.

Is Affiliate Marketing Not Online MLM?

In a word, No! You do not get paid commission on your down line sales. You get paid for your work…for every sale that you originate. If someone buys an item through your affiliate link (I will explain this later), you will get paid. If you do not refer people to make a sale, you make no sales and don’t get paid. You have no down line to earn money off. There is no pyramid below you to earn money off. It is your business and you must make it work.

So Exactly what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business. That’s right, a genuine business where you promote other businesses or people’s products and get paid when a sale is made from your promotion of the product. As I mentioned earlier, no sales no money.

There are a number of methods you can use to promote products. I am going to deal with just two and these are:-

  1. Hosting an online store where you advertise items from different affiliate programs. When a visitor to your shop clicks on an Item, they are taken to the company’s sales page. The company is responsible for the sale, collection of the money, the dispatch and delivery of the goods and making payment to you. You are effectively the middleman between the Seller and the Buyer. You are the marketer, the person responsible for marketing, and you can do this without spending a cent.
  2. Blogging is basically writing articles. With this option, you have awriting on Laptop website where you write quality content about subjects that your niche visitors will find useful. e.g. How to treat ticks and fleas on dogs and cats. You will refer ( through links) your visitors to one or two products that can help solve their problem and when they click on the link, the seller does the rest, as in the first example, Hosting an online store, above.

As you can see, there is no recruiting others into the program so that you can earn money off the recruits(down line). Affiliate marketing is your online business.

Who Can Join Affiliate Marketing?

This is where Affiliate marketing excels. It can be successfully done by anyone:-

  1. It is Ideal for stay at home Moms who would like to earn some money without having to spend a fortune onFor Moms equipment and stock. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it is not bound by time or place. You manage your business where and when you have time, between household chores, while the baby is sleeping, after dropping the kids at school, while waiting for your kids to finish sport or music lessons. Whenever and wherever you are. All you need is access to the internet.
  2. Instead of that second or third job, you could start your business and work at home with and around your family, earning that extra income that you need. It is a realistic dream to build your income to a point where you can eventually work from home, earning a very decent living off your internet business. This, of course, would not happen overnight. As with any business, it takes time to build the business, develop trust with your visitors and claim a market share, but it is definitely an achievable target.
  3. Students and former students that have study loans for University or College can use this business to help pay off the loan. No more having to find a job or a second or third job to pay off the loans. In fact, If you started this while at school, you could pay your tuition and hostel fees without a loan. What a kick-ass way to start your adult life, without a student loan!
  4. Pensioners wanting to supplement their income would find this especially helpful. Being on pension, you could spend more time developing an income, using affiliate marketing, than a lot of other people. Pensioners could develop a significant income from their experiences, in a relatively short period of time because the more quality articles they could publish on their website. This would attract more visitors to your pages. This could lead to more sales for you.
  5. Worried about your upcoming retirement or possibly losing your jobyou're fired in the next financial downswing? Build a secure nest egg now and become retrenchment proof. Develop your business now and be ready for retirement or any unexpected disaster that could affect your job security. Start before you need to and when you need it, it is already available. Build a nice, secure nest egg.

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing?

This is where affiliate marketing comes into its own. It is so many things to so many people and it lends itself to your personal circumstances. Some of the benefits are:

  • Anyone can learn to do it.
  • The only requirements are internet access and a PC, Laptop or Ipad.
  • It does not have to cost you a fortune. You can start for nothing if you want to.
  • The tools needed are available on the internet for free.
  • You can start earning in a month or two.
  • You work from wherever you wish, as long as you have internet access
  • You work whenever you want to or have time to while waiting to collect your kids, Lunchtime or in the evening.
  • Work around your and your families needs.
  • No going to work.
  • No renting office space.
  • No stock on hand.
  • No sales team needed.Your Business Plan
  • No dispatching products.
  • No transport costs.
  • Payment made directly into your account.
  • An international business run from home.
  • No Boss.
  • The more your work, the more you make.
  • You manage your business and your budget according to your own business plan.

How Long Does it Take To Start Earning?

This is the million dollar question and it is influenced by so many factors that only you can answer. People start making money in days, then there are some that take months or a year. There are just so many subjective factors that it is not possible to give a direct answer. Here is a list of some of the things that affect your earning potential:

  1. Are you Teachable? This is extremely important. As you are reading this article, I presume that you are new to Affiliate Marketing. This would suggest that you would need training. The more you are prepared to learn the required skills, the quicker you will succeed.
  2. Time spent working on the business. Not everyone has the same amount of time to spend on business, learning, and researching. This industry runs on published articles and these take time to research time for businessand write. Some people write one article a week and some write two or three a day. The more regularly you write and publish articles on your site, the higher the likelihood of ranking on the first page of Search Engines like Google. The aim is to have your articles ranked as high as possible on the first page of search engines. This will mean that more people see your article first and will then click on it to visit your page.
  3. Researching topics and keywords also has a bearing on how your article is ranked and how visitors react. With the right research, you should be able to write a captivating article that will lead to your visitor clicking on the link for more info on the topic or product. This is where you start to gain their trust and making money.
  4. The number of articles published a week or day. Many people only publish an article a week. Some even fewer. This has a direct effect on your success “at the till”. Ideally, you need an average of 3 articles a week. This is not written in stone. The secret here is consistency. If you only publish 1 article a week, do this consistently, publishing on the same day of the week if possible. This goes for one article a month or one article a day. The number of QUALITY article and consistency counts.
  5. Your Niche is also important. A Niche is simply a group of people with the same interest…. your market. You need to know who buys your product, what they are looking for when searching the search engines, where they are situated. It does not help much trying to sell fishing tackle to car enthusiasts. Your posts and products have to be relevant to your niche.

As you can see from the list, there are a lot of things that can influence your success. It takes time and effort to get them right. It does not usually happen overnight or in a week. Realistically, you could start earning token incomes in a few days but truly, it will usually take a few months to start bringing in any significant amount of income.

Of course, those that have the finance to join the premium memberships and buy certain premium tools tend to make money faster but, if your don’t have the budget, the free system works and you can upgrade once you are making enough money to cover the cost.

How Does One Get Started?

Start Making money online

It is relatively easy to get started. If you have a PC, or laptop and internet access, there is very little else you need other than:-

  • Time
  • Willingness to learn
  • A good work ethic.

If you have these, you are well on your way. You will also need:

  • to find a host for your website and
  • Buy a domain

But don’t rush out to do this yet. You can start without incurring costs for these and you can get the required basic training as well.

You must research your favorite topics, things you enjoy or are very knowledgeable about so that you can choose a Niche or market. This should only be done after you have had some training in this regard as you don’t want to buy a domain for a niche that you later find to be too broad.

Watch Out For Scams

When you are looking for a suitable platform to use for your website and hosting, you have to be careful and carry out your own due diligence.

There are many systems out there that offer you “free” websites (even built for your sites) and once you have signed up,Watch out for scams you learn that you have to pay for hosting at an exorbitant price. The other favorite of the scammers is “try for free” for 30, 60 or 90 days. This gets you to invest time and effort on your website only to have to pay a higher price for the site at the end of the trial period or lose all the work you have put into it. Often these systems claim to not need your money but only wish to help you succeed. If this were true, why do they ask for your credit card details?

When I speak about this, I speak from experience. I too was a beginner and had to pay my school fees. Thankfully I was not too slow with the learning and did not pay too much school fees. So, if you would like my advice, ask questions here. My suggestions are next.

My Research

After getting tired of paying school fees, I decided that there had to be someone out there that truly believed in their product enough to let me use it for free. I was so convinced that I searched for something for weeks. To my surprise, I found a platform that:-

  1. Offered 2 free websites on their domain/platform
  2. Free hosting for these websites
  3. Free basic training
  4. Never asked for my credit card and
  5. The offer never expired as long as I was using it.

Imagine that, Two businesses for free plus training. Definitely too good to be true! So I proceeded with caution. I signed up for the free membership and received access to the premium membership site for 7 days and the training was incredible. I could watch video trading, access classrooms, ask questions on the forum for instant answers by experts, including the owners, and build my websites.

After the 7 days I went down to the starter training which taught me all the Teachingbasics and I set up my first website. I am one that enjoys learning new things so I was always researching and I came across an interesting article by an affiliate marketer about how he earns money online. I was “gobsmacked”! It was simple and incredible at the same time.

He started with 1 website and it started earning him around $10 a day. He then started 50 other sites over a period of time. Not all the sites made money every day but he found that about 20% of them made an average of $10 a day. So let’s calculate that:-

$10 x 10 ( 50 sites x 20%) x 30 days a month = $3000 a month

Not too shabby. Now not all the sites made only $10. Some made a lot more. So, the more articles you write, the more visitors you get and this translates to more money. Your business and income keep on growing as long as you work at it. this was intriguing.

My Secret to Success

Well, as I said, I signed up to the free membership of the affiliate program that I found. I worked my But off for a week, taking advantage of the Premium membership training. I then started my website and even got some good comments on my pages.

Luckily I read that article about having 50+ websites earning money before I was on the program for two weeks. As I had the budget, I decided to join the premium membership and I have never looked back. Now it is not a must if you do not have the budget for the premium membership. Start with the free membership. When your two websites bring in enough money to cover the premium membership, you can then consider upgrading if you choose to.

If your want to start an online business safely, with a really great platform, I really suggest having a look here or click on the banner below.

How to build a business online

Your Opinion Counts

Your opinion Counts. Please leave a comment in the comment box below. I really am interested in your views and concerns.

If you have questions, leave them here.


  • Bern

    This is actually really helpful. I’ve done a lot of research and am really interested in the idea but there are so many scams out there. What makes you so different though?? How would I know you aren’t a scam?

    • Hi Bernadette. Thank you for your comments. True, there are a lot of scams out there but, as I mentioned, you really need to do your own due diligence, as you have clearly been doing. I mentioned some of the common scam traits and the only way to check further is to “Google” the company and check out the people’s comments. Be careful though as Reviews are often sales ploys by the company to lure you in. I simply do not like being asked for my credit card when I simply want to try something out. To me, it is a sure sign that the company is trying to collect money from me more than they are trying to help me.

      If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, I suggest you have a look at Wealth Affiliates and try out their free membership package. You do not need a credit card and the membership never expires as long as you are actively using it. If you ever want to upgrade to get more sites, you do not lose your old sites, they are simply incorporated into the new package.Hope that this helps and answers your question.

      Kind regards


  • Thanks for the great article, most of them are unsuccessful affiliates are shouting that affiliate marketing is a scam,I suggest this article for them to read to get some idea, it’s not easy to make money on a single day because money will not come at overnight, patience is more important in the business, keep doing this great work.

    • Hi Harish,

      Thanks for visiting our page. You are absolutely correct by saying that money will not come overnight. Affiliate marketing is like any business and you have to treat it as a business. It takes effort and persistence. It is unlikely that you will earn money from a new site before 3 to 6 months as it takes Google almost that long to list your site. It also depends on how much work you put into your site, how often you post articles as well as your SEO work. Notwithstanding all of this, you can earn a very comfortable, if not incredible income with affiliate marketing and it does not even have to cost you a cent. One just needs to be teachable and driven

  • Bryan, reading your article I can see that you have researched the affiliate marketing field very thoroughly.

    I will say the ‘no boss’, to me, is a bit of a misnomer. You do have a boss and that boss is YOU! You have to motivate yourself, set out your research and so many things that have previously been set out for you by your bosses. To succeed you have to boss yourself around.

    If this article is any indication you are doing that admirably.

    I agree with you that WA is the best I have found. For what other platforms’ offer a very low cost, WA offers for free. Anyone joining is a winner from the start.

    I will be returning when I notice other articles you have written.


    • Hi Helen, Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, I have (re)searched this for years and, as I said in the article, I paid lots of school fees before finding Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliates in particular.

      I like to think there is a difference between having a Boss and being my own boss. Having a Boss means that I get paid a fixed amount no matter how hard I work. The more money I bring in, the more money the BOSS makes. With me being my own boss, The harder I work (for myself) the more money I make. So my boss is my self-discipline.

      The great thing about being your own boss with Wealthy Affiliates is that you have all the training and tools you need and all the support you could wish for.

      Looking forward to your next Visit


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