Don't gamble with your future

Don’t Gamble With Your Future – Become Retrenchment Proof

In this day and age, with the financial markets as they are, many people are surprised when companies, including major corporations, suddenly close, leaving all the employees unemployed. These employees are not the only people affected. Shareholders and in the case of large corporations, the stock markets also feel it. It is not uncommon for investors to wake up one morning to find that their investment has been destroyed, leaving them broke.

Having all your eggs in 1 basket is simply gambling with your future. The aim of this post is to encourage you to look at making yourself retrenchment proof now! Thinking that you will do it later is a recipe for disaster. You never know when the companies operational requirements will require your being retrenched and you will probably be the last one to know.

To save yourself and your family the stress of going through a retrenchment without being prepared, you really need to find new ways to make money, to earn an extra income.

A Second Job – Just To Break Even

There are many ways to earn extra income and one of the more common methods is to take onBurn out a second job. This in itself creates new problems such as:-

  • Burnout
  • Little or no family time
  • Less commitment to your existing job
  • Missing out on overtime at OT rates
  • Pressure on your relationships
  • Lower pay for the second job – which will probably not carry you if you are retrenched.

Earn Extra Income At Home

There are many ways to earn extra income from home but this too has disadvantages. Some are:

  • Establishment costs
  • How much can you do after working hours?
  • Will you earn enough to make yourself retrenchment proof i.e. if you are retrenched, can you upscale fast enough to earn a sufficiently large income to keep you going?
  • Burnout
  • Little or no family time
  • Less commitment to your existing job
  • Missing out on overtime at OT rates
  • Pressure on your relationships
  • Noise complaints from neighbors if you work with machinery late at night

and the list goes on.

Build An Online Business

Why An Online Business

An online business can take very little to start up. In some cases, you can earn extra income online for free. You read correctly, FREE…. but to do this you must do proper due diligence as there are a lot of unethical people and businesses out there.

The businesses that require you to physically sit and carry out tasks on the internet will have similar disadvantages as mentioned in the previous paragraphs. You will need to be in attendance to earn. There are some advantages over having a second job though. These are:

  • You work at your own pace
  • You can work OT for the higher rate of pay
  • It does not impact on your current JOB
  • You can manage the impact that it has on your family life and relationships.

An online business is a good way to earn extra income without destroying your family life or current career.

Why Not All Online Businesses Are Equal

There are many great ways to earn extra money online. You will need to do some research as there are some online businesses that are not suitable such as:-

  • Writing article for other sites
  • Filling in forms
  • Surveys and the like.

These businesses often bring in money sooner than some others but they require you to be in attendance all the time. This effectively means that after one month or so, you have reached your earning capacity, unless you put in more time.

Some other businesses that help you earn extra income online are:

  • Online Shops
  • Blogging and
  • Affiliate marketing.

These options take a little while to set up and that is why I said that you should start making yourself retrenchment proof now. You are not under pressure to bring in everything your family needs to live and if it takes two to 6 months to start earning, it is not an issue.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best

All three of the above methods are very effective and will help you to earn extra income online. Printing moneyIn fact, you will probably use blogging with both of the other methods to boost sales (more on this later).

To make extra money online you will need a web presence i.e. a website. In some cases, you can have more than one, depending on your business model but most people start with just 1 website. This is a good practice if you are new to online marketing.

If you have chosen the best affiliate system, you will get proper training and within a month or so you will be up and running, gaining experience and expertise. Within a few months, your site will start producing money and could eventually feel like it is printing money.

Why I Chose This Platform To Earn Extra Income Online

I did not start retrenchment proofing until it was too late. I was then desperate to start finding something that would start making me money. This led to me trying out all sorts of platforms and gimmicks until I found a platform that I eventually believed could not exist. I know the feeling of despair when you try everything and it does not work, and I found no help.

I needed a platform that would:-

  • let me try the website out permanently at no cost
  • not require my credit card details before I have access
  • give me free hosting permanently
  • give me free training
  • give me access to the community
  • have a 24/7 support team

An impossible mission, no? No! I found a site that and it is available to you, for free. No ifs, buts, or maybes. I have personally had success with it and it does what it says.

What’s the catch? Well…. nothing. It is all free forever. Not possible? Yes, it is. There is no need to upgrade at any time to keep your websites, hosting and training. You will, however, want to have more sites once you make extra money online.

They have a premium offer for this as well that gives you 25 websites, 25 sites with your own domains, hosting for all 50 sites, unlimited email addresses, advanced training, video tutorials 24/7 support, direct access to the community to ask for help, access to the owners, Keyword tools and tons more.A suitable comment

Please don’t take my word for it. Go here, check it out and see for yourself. If they ask you for your Credit card details when signing up for the basic(free) package, come back here and leave a suitable comment in the comments box.

Your Opinion Counts

I hope that I have convinced you to look at your options if you are one day retrenched. Waiting for it to happen is too late. Please leave a comment below and let me know your view. If you need more info, please ask me here.

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