CFD Stocks

Beware Binary Trading Options Scam – CFD Stocks Review

I Write this review from personal experience. It is not something I researched just to write a review. What I state here is what I can attest to and I give Screenshots of my account and the facts that I state. Please take this seriously as many people in South Africa and around the world are being scammed by Binary Options Brokers.

CFD Stocks Review

Name: CFD Stocks


Minimum Trade: 5GBP
Minimum Deposit: 250GBP

Trading Assets: Forex pairs, stocks, commodities, indexes

Owners: ????????????

Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

CFD Stocks, Product Overview

CFD Stocks is not regulated by any regulatory body i.e. an unlicensed broker. What does that mean? Well, it means that any deposit made to CFD Stocks is not insured in any range. CFD Stocks showed up on the market in around 2016 for the first time and has there is therefore not much of a background.

I am not listing all the details of their offer as their entire Website and product is a farce. They Provide their Brokers with the SpotOption software for binary options. When you see it, especially to the uninitiated, it looks very impressive and confusing. But Wait, I am getting ahead of myself here.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:It's Free

PRO #1 The website, once you have gained entry, is impressive.

PRO #2 It is Free to Join

PRO #3 Minimum trade is only GBP5

The Bad:

CON #1 The entire Website is a farce.

CON #2 Once you join, you must fund your account with a minimum of GBP 250

CON #3 You get Calls daily to invest more money, GBP 25 000.00 to be exact.

Who is CFD Stocks For?

To be honest, CFD Stocks is for anyone who is Extremely wealthy who wants to become just wealthy. It is extremely easy to end up with some money on CFD Stocks. All you do is start of with a lot of money when you join and you will soon only have some money. It is as simple as that. You pay a lot in and you get nothing out!

CFD Stocks Tools & Training – My Experience

As I said earlier, I have had personal experience with CFD Stocks. I was looking for a means of making more money online when I noticed an advert that sent me to this site:-

I have researched a lot of sites, tried some and been caught by many. I did a perfunctory search for CFD Stocks and did not find any negative comments immediately and I signed up to look at the system, not intending to invest right away.

The following day I received a call from a +44 number. The “Broker” said that he noticed that i hadnot yet funded my account and asked if I needed assistance. He promised me that I would make x10 my investment every month. I laughed, not believing him and hung up.

Michael’s Call

The following day, broker going by the name of “Michael” from CFD Stocks phoned me and asked if I was seriously looking at binary options trading for a second income. When I told him I was considering it he asked why I had not financed my account. I told him that I did not believe the promise of x10 my investment monthly.

Michael told me that the Broker had no right to claim that as no promises or guarantees were made but If I started with the minimal amount of £251, he would assign a broker that would train me on the system. I reluctantly paid the £251 and was congratulated on my decision. My account

Just £25 000

The following day I received a call from another broker who spoke me through one deal that went south but miraculously I made a profit. The broker Informed me that he had been watching what was happening and had intervened in the trade and he had managed to make me a profit. I was on the line the entire time and watching the trade, but I saw nothing happening on my account other than me losing money. I was thankful for the profit and listened to the broker. I was informed that as I had seen how he worked with my money, I needed to invest £25 000. Once again I laughed and hung up.

Suprise Suprise, the next day I got another call from yet another broker and I was again informed that he was now going to look after my account. We did two trades, one lost and one made and I was up a few £s. So What now? You guessed it, I was now told that I would make £1000 in 3 days if I invested just £15 000. I said a few “Choice ” words and hung up.

Only £2500 For Silver Account

I now had definite cold feet and requested that CFD Stocks paid my money back. Once again I received yet another call from yet another broker. He informed me that he was in charge of the Silver accounts and I qualified as a Silver Account and that he would look after my account. This incredible binary options broker informed me that I would do a course over the next two weeks. I was skeptical so we would do a trade or two to so he could prove that I would make money but, yes, you guessed it, I only had to invest £2500.

I refused, yet again and checked on my withdrawal request. Much to my surprise, I found that it had been canceled. I immediately requested a withdrawal of my funds again. I contacted the online agent to confirm the status of my withdrawal and the online agent told me that I had to wait at least 30 days and that I would be billed £35 for the withdrawal as that was the cost to withdraw money.

Withdrawal Requests
26 Days later, I check on the status of my account, only to find that the withdrawal had again been canceled. I again queried it and again was told to follow the process but nobody would tell me who canceled my withdrawal request.

I again found that my request for withdrawal was canceled. When I contacted the CFD Stocks again, I was told that I was not entitled to withdraw as I had received Bonuses.

I was flabbergasted. I had never asked for, nor was I informed of the Bonuses and they could not throw any light on who had requested them nor who authorised them.

Earnings = Bonuses

When I checked my account for the bonuses, it turned out that every time I had made a profit on the system (or behind the scenes by the broker with his sound binary options strategy) it was booked as a bonus against my name. To me, this shows one of two things,

  1. the system failed every time and they used bonuses to show me a profit without my knowledge or
  2. They defrauded me by keeping the winnings and booking bonuses against my name.

At the time of writing this review, I had never heard from them again and I am not holding my breath to get my money back.

CFD Stocks Support
The support offered by CFD Stocks was poor and unhelpful with no forum. The personal support was incredible while they thought I was going to invest more money. As soon as I refused, it ceased to exist.

CFD Stocks Price

Albeit free to join, the funding and the hard sell to try to get you to invest more money is not worth the time or effort, considering you get nothing out at the end.

My Final Opinion of CFD Stocks

In my opinion and that of a number of other commentators is that it appears to be an absolute scam.

Name: CFD Stocks

Minimum Trade: 5GBP

Minimum Deposit: 250GBP

Trading Assets: Forex pairs, stocks, commodities, indexes

Owners: ????????????

Overall Rank: 0 out of 100


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  • Brendon

    I am glad I came across your site. It is always good to hear things from someone that has used them.
    I was considering get involved with Binary Trading Options with CFD. The make things sound very compelling.
    However I was a bit skeptical when i could not find much information of the owners of the company.
    I think your are correct, this does not seem legit.
    Do you have a better recommendation for someone looking to make a little passive income?

    • Bryan

      Hi Brendon, Glad my post has confirmed your suspicions. They are definitely not a reliable source for a genuine online business. I use Wealthy Affiliates and you can read more at https://earn-money-online-free… 

      All the best in your future endeavours


  • Fiona Gallagher

    The way these people come for you is overwhelming, I met a certain Mrs. Victoria, an investment broker at Action Options, she did a very calculative math for me about how I could make triple my capital, so I decided to go ahead and invest $540, 000 of my hard earned sweat of 20 years in 7 accounts.I was able to withdrawal just $10, 000 at first and then I couldn’t get any of my initial capital back. I called them several time and also sent emails but all to no avail. I was referred to sokolov who had recovered about 86% of my lost funds for me. I couldn’t believe at first that this was possible because I lost hopes in contacting anyone on the internet, but I guess not everybody is bad after all. I am a strong believer in the scriptures and I know my God is fighting for me already.

    • Hi Fiona, You were very lucky to get yout money back. One must also be careful of all these people that claim to be able to help you recover your money. Very often they are scam artists and will make promises and charge you a fee to recover your funds. Once they have received you payment, you never hear from them again.

      I have lost so much faith in all the schemes and have now invested my time in affiliate marketing which works extremely well. I have never had so much success in any other venture online.

  • Rachel Downy

    I got in a really a bad situation recently when i invested almost my life saving with Mr. Whiteman Creed the investment broker who “helped” in investing my money totaling the sum of $90,500 into 6 acccounts. I wasn’t allowed to make my withdrawals and they jammed the system in such a way to frustrate we their clients but thanks to sokolov who has been recovered almost 90% of my money and all I dropped was proof that I had a transactions such as this and I didn’t get anything out of it. Never lose hope!

    • Hi Rachel, I am sorry to hear of your bad experience but unfortunately there are a lot of Scam Artists out there. I am pleased that you recovered most of your money. I have now concentrated on Affiliate marketing which is working out well for me. If you would like more info go here.

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