Affiliate Sales Magnet was started when I  became aware of the number of people that lost everything when they were retrenched, how many people were not prepared for losing their jobs. Losing your job, especially later in your career, can be catastrophic.

Being retrenched is not something you always have a choice in so it wouldretrenched = no-money be a good call to prepare yourself in case of such an eventuality. My option of choice is Affiliate Marketing and other online businesses.

Affiliate Sales Magnet is not my first project by any means, as I have had an internet presence since 1987.

Needless to say, I have tried many, too many, online businesses. Some, an online presence for my businesses and some as online businesses. I have tried many different platforms in my attempt to earn an online income, with varying degrees of success.

The thing I found with most of the platforms is that they did not offer a complete platform. Some of the platforms were very good but they all were short of one or more elements to make it a complete and successful platform or at least some of their elements were not up to spec. I always felt that I needed something more. Either the training was good but limited, or the was little or no support and the list goes on. All these contributed to my lack of success. I needed proper training and tools.

I have tried many other online programs on and off over the years. Programs like MLM/network marketing, trading, binary trading, and the likes, mostly with disastrous and expensive consequences. The one question that I have learned to ask is this, if the program is so good and the owner did not need my money(as they so frequently claim) why do they always want money up front before you can try the platform or program out. That has been my biggest cause of mistrust when researching another opportunity online.

Last year I was burned by the Binary Trading scam with CFD Stocks and that really damaged mycfd stocks scam

confidence in the Online world. As a result, I laid down some personal requirements to be met by any online business I intended to try.  They are pretty harsh but I was adamant that they had to be met or it was a scam in my books.

These are the criteria that it needed to meet.

  • No credit card required
  • Free trial of the product with no expiry date. Why would I put effort into the product to see no results within the 30/60/90 days trial period? I mean, come on, 30-90 days of work and you then either have to purchase the program or waste all the effort. All that does is help them have their page ranked higher on Google. Win-Win for them isn’t it?
  • Hosting of the program must also be free or at the end of the trial, you will end up having to pay exorbitant hosting fees as well.
  • Proper and effective training on the program and how to get your site, product listed on Google, Facebook, Bing, and Twitter.
  • A community that you can turn to for help if you do not understand the training.
  • a proper 24/7 support service to fix system problems.
  • Basic tools on the free website.

How Would They Make Money

I know the owners have to make money as well, but if they give the basicsMoney free and they work, and I have success with my site, I would quite happily then pay to upgrade my membership to get better services, more advanced tools, and more sites. But before I do this, I want to know that the system works. Did I find such a platform?

After weeks of searching and failing to find one that met my criteria, I finally stumbled onto one that claimed it did. Note the hesitance. I did not actually believe what they claimed so I put them to the test.  I signed up for the free membership here. I found everything I had been looking for. Absolutely everything and it did not cost me a cent. Am I pleased? Absolutely. True, I upgraded simply because 50 websites earning me $100 a month is better than 2. No, I have not yet setup 50 websites. I have 5, with other works in progress. I followed the training step by step, without deviation and it has paid dividends.

Your Opinion Counts

Don’t believe me, Try it out for yourself – for free. If you are asked for your credit card for the free membership, come back here and leave a suitable comment below. If you have success, please share them below as well.

If you have questions about the best (In my opinion), online work from home business opportunity, ask me here.

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