In this post, I am going to give you a review of Wealthy Affiliate. I will give you a description of some of the features and links to some training and Keyword Search Tool.

Updated 31/12/2020

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price:  Basic              Free forever

Premium                   $49-00/month

Owners:                     Carson & Kyle

Overall Rank:          98 out of 100


I have been involved in the online business industry for over 10 years and have learnt a hell of a lot, mostly BEWARE! In my early years, I have paid some serious “School Fees” and I am thankful for every cent. I am not saying that I would not have proffered to save all that money, but I have learned a lot about online marketing that I would otherwise have not. One of the most important things that I have learned is that there are legitimate companies offering legitimate businesses online.

Wealthy Affiliates, Product Overview

This Company is so confident in its product that it gives you a website for free, free hosting and training. Is this unheard-of practice real? Read on.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that allows you to build an online business, providing you with two packages, a starter membership and the Premium membership. For the costs and Features breakdown, see the table below.

Please Note-Starter now only has 1 Free website and premium has 10 websitesWA Membership-Costs and Features grid

What Awesome Features

I have to make short comments on some of the features here. Some of these features I have never found before, and some were ALWAYS  offered as an annoying add-on which, if you did not buy them, affected your site’s efficiency. At Wealthy Affiliates, Everything to make your site work and earn an income is provided, free.

  • Are there more tools available? Most definitely.
  • Do you need to pay for each improvement? No. All these features are included in the premium membership and there are no other upgrades required to make your membership package work properly.

Talk Directly To The Owners

This is one of the features that I was somewhat sceptical about. I have never heard of direct contact with the owners, and what is more, it is not only a standard feature, they actually communicate with you directly and on the forums. This was truly a game-changer for me. I could now communicate with the developers, the people I pay my money to. They are not hiding behind an army of employees or ignoring my messages. 🙂  See a message to me from Carson below.

Carson20 days ago

“Appreciate the message Bryan – yes I do work a bit more in the background with Kyle out front but it’s great to hear that you are enjoying the platform and the direction of our company. We’ve got an incredible amount of awesome updates scheduled for 2018, can’t wait to blog as we roll them out! Have a great week :)”

I have had similar communications with the other co-owner Kyle. Both of them are extremely approachable and are always keen to help. What is more, they value your input with regards to developments and upgrades.

Live HelpWA Live chat

This incredibly efficient feature allows you to ask questions online in real-time and get answers within minutes from experts on the live chat. It does not end here. You can meet incredible people, build working relationships and develop friendships with like-minded, successful people. People that are always happy to help with problems and refer you to the necessary training courses and videos. You are never stuck feeling alone, lost or abandoned.

Private Messaging

You tend to build up relationships and trust in people and you can use this PM system to communicate directly and in private.


Imagine, once you have developed your formulae for success on one site, you can expand it to 10 sub-domains on and10 of your own domains, also hosted at SiteRubix if you upgrade to premium membership. If you are in the hosting and website business, you could host 10 companies websites and earn a handsome profit on the hosting and site development

Website Security (SSL)

SSL certificates are always at a monthly premium. Wealthy Affiliates is the only place I have found that provides SSL certificates at no extra charge.  This enables you to take payment right on your own site without going to a third-party site.

Live Video Classes

There are weekly video courses presented by Jay Neil. These courses are in-depth and give you the help you need on every imaginable topic. The Q & A sessions at the end are invaluable. To see what I mean check this out.

Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy)

For organic traffic, page ranking is critical and to have any success, you need a good keyword tool. Wealth Affiliates offer a first-class tool called Jaaxy which provides the most comprehensive keyword tool to its members. Jaaxy is a proprietary system which has upgrades.

Earn While You LearnBoot Camp

If you are new to Affiliate marketing and online business, you need to be aware that the income does not start on day one. The amount of time you devote to developing your business, and yes…it is a business, not a hobby, will determine how long it takes to develop an income stream. With this in mind, WA provides an affiliate program to assist the beginner, should they so desire, to develop an income stream through the WA affiliate program. There is a “Boot Camp” training course that will help you in this regard.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 You get 1 website to earn money with – for free. No Expiry Date as long as the site is used.

PRO #2 They host your site – for free. No Expiry Date

PRO #3 They train you for free. They even give you a week’s free access to the premium training, for free

PRO #4 It is Not a catch to get you hooked and make you pay later to keep your sites. They are yours – full stop, for as long as you use them.

PRO #5 Should you try it out and feel you need to develop more sites to make more money, you can take the only upgrade to get 10 free sites and hosting for your own domains, with all the online training and webinars

PRO #6 Top class training on all aspects of SEO

PRO #7 True Success Stories

The Bad:

CON #1 You have only heard of it now

CON #2 You have been conned so many times that this sounds like a con and you are too cautious to believe it.

CON #3 To keep access to the outstanding training and advice, you have to buy the premium package, albeit at only $49 a month.

Who Ise Wealthy Affiliates For?

Wealth Affiliates was developed to help anyone that wishes to develop an online business/es, that wants to learn to develop their own money earning websites to earn extra money and even those who wish to become financially independent.

Whether you are 16 or 60 yrs old, Wealth Affiliates will give you all the tools you need to make money online without spending a fortune. In Fact, you will not need to spend a cent!

Wealthy Affiliate Tools & Training

When you join the wealthy affiliate community, you get immediate access to all the tools and training. If you sign up for the free package, you will get access to the premium training and tools for 7 days, this on top of all your free training that you have permanent access to.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

The support offered with the product is incredible. There is also a community, forum, personal support, support from the owners for those who choose the Premium package.

Wealthy Affiliate Price

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to join the community for free, with 1 site, hosting and training. If you are happy with the program, you can sign up for the premium package @ $49.00 a month. The additional sites, training, Community Help and Support system are really worth it. Here is the list of what you get in both packages again.

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate & Bonus Offer

I, first off, looked for the scam factor, especially when I read the “2 websites for Free”. There had to be a catch and it is usually that you have to pay after 30 days or pay for the hosting. Surprise, surprise, No such thing. The free websites are yours, together with the hosting and the training….forever!

Secondly, I looked for the hard upsells that make you buy the upsell or lose your websites. No such thing. It is entirely your choice as to if and when you decide to go Premium. They promote premium subtly, but it is definitely not a requirement.

Free seems too good to be true, but that would be completely wrong…and I will tell you why.   When you join with the free Starter, you are going to be given instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.  This includes the live chat, 2 free websites, training modules,  networking, commenting,  2 classrooms and access to the keyword tool.  No “upgrade now or lose your website” or anything of the sort.

How To Claim Your Free Membership

To get your FREE websites, hosting and training open your account here for free. No credit card needed, no banking details. Just a free service.

Take advantage of the Huge Discount offer for the Premium package NOW, Take a look here and save 59% on your first month’s premium.

Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliatewa_super_affiliate_250x250

Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…

Owners: Kyle & Carson


  1. Starter      Free
  2. Premium $49-00 a month

Overall Scam Rank: Definitely not a scam 98 out of 100


What is your view

Your view is what counts. Please leave a comment below or contact me here


  • Ralph

    When I first heard about this program, I really wasn’t sure if it could provide me with what I need in order to start an online business. But from reading your review, I see that it provides that and more. I do wonder however, how helpful are the members within the community when it comes to those just starting out like myself? I feel that support is crucial to the success anyone just getting started. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Ralph, When I started at WA I had no experience at internet marketing. I must say that the WA Community Rushed to my aid. there was not 1 question that I did not get help with. There are thousands of very successful marketers who are extremely willing to help. All you need to do is ask. Then there is the traing classes and the Video training that are also awesome. 

  • Gomer Magtibay

    While reading this review of yours, I learned something. Sometimes, it is better to market services like WA as a paid membership upfront than promote the free website. Because, when you present something with a price, people understand that there’s something being sold. But when lead with something free, there’s that reaction of “Oh wait, there have to be a catch”.

    Thanks for the article. Very enlightening.

    • admin

      Absolutely  Gomer, I do not hide the fact that there is an upgrade but, it is not a must and you keep everything you get permanently. No catches. 2 Websites, Hosting for both sites free, forever and training for free. This gives you the opportunity to test the product and if you want more sites, you can upgrade, or stay with just 2 sites.  No Catches.

  • Jacob Schilling

    I myself have been apart of wealthy affiliate for quite some time. It truly is the best place that I can think of to learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Not only is the training outstanding, but so are the tools that the platform provides for you.

    • admin

      Thanks for the confirming comments Jacob. It is truly a great Platform and the help from the community is awesome.



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