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Earning money online is no myth, it really works. As more and more mainstream business turns to affiliate marketers to leverage more market share, so affiliate marketing becomes more and more mainstream.

There are literally millions of people earning money online with affiliate marketing. It is an answer to many peoples unemployment issues and for those of us with too much month for our money, it’s a Godsend,

I am pleased that you eventually found Affiliate Sales Magnet because it took me years and a lot of “School Fees” to find out how to earn money online, from home, and this is what I am going to show you.

This site is created to help people find a means to make money online safely, avoiding the traps.

Affiliate Sales Magnet Is Not A Job Portal

This site is not going to offer you a job of any sort. It is not about MLM or Network Marketing. It is also not about trying to get you to join different money earning systems to earn money off your subscription fees.

What this site is about is teaching people that it is possible to earn money online free, legitimately. I must emphasise, however;

  • there is no instant cash,
  • push button system or
  • making money overnight.

These things simply don’t exist and those people that offer that opportunity are usually scammers or are gambling with your money.

How To Avoid Online Scams

There are millions of people desperately trying to earn money online and this is who the scammers and chancers target. If you see adverts for;

  • how to earn money online fast,
  • Instant Cash – Make money overnight
Credit Card

hide your credit card and get out of there. We call these things “Shiny Things” and they inevitably fail and cost you money. No matter how urgently you need cash, know this, it takes time and effort! There are no exceptions unless they are gambles which will probably fail and cost you money again.

The only sure way to make money online is to understand that there is nothing for free. Anything that makes you legitimate money will take work, probably lots of work. It is not necessarily hard, or unpleasant but it is work. The other thing is,  making money online takes time.

If making money in a conventional business takes time and effort, why would it not be so with an online business? The reason most people fail is that they:

  • Expect money to just appear once they have joined
  • expect it to happen overnight
  • expect the program to do the work for them
  • don’t put in the work that it takes to make the money online.

Why Do Online Businesses Cost Money

It is the norm and is expected that you have to pay money to start a business online, but is it necessary. This is a question that bugged me for many years. Everything I wanted to do cost money. No, let’s correct that, It cost money up front, with no guarantees of success.

How many businesses have you seen or tried that offered you something for free? Let’s take an example of “Free Website done for you“. They are very popular and many people get caught by them.

How do they work? Well, the website is free, as they state but;

  1. It usually expires after 30, 60 or 90 days and then you need to pay or lose the site
  2. The website is free but you need to pay $15 a month for hosting,
  3. You must pay for email accounts for the site
  4. The training, if it is ever free is usually poor, free or not
  5. Help does not exist.

If you do not pay as required, the work that you put in to develop the website is lost when your website is locked.

Another favorite is, Earn Cash By Completing Surveys. This too is more of a scam than anything else. Once you sign up and complete the “registration form” which captures all your details, age, hobbies, and social preferences, you are told that you will be sent surveys that match your profile. They often offer up to $25 a survey, the problem is, you usually only get the $0.10 per survey every week or two. Hardly enough to pay your internet bill, let alone earn an income.

There are many systems like this out there and the only way to avoid being scammed, conned or ripped off is to avoid them.

Why Can We Not Try Them For Free

This has been my pet question to these systems for years. Eventually, I decided that if I cannot try the system for free without the trial expiring, I would not use the system. I was determined to find a system that I could use, for free to establish that it worked. Was this a “Pipe Dream”?

I was beginning to believe this. I was asked repeatedly, “how do you expect them to make money”? Well, I have given that some thought too.

Most systems have highly automated systems that are upgrades. You need to upgrade to:

  • get email,
  • get Keyword tools
  • get training
  • get new tools and other upgrades,

but the basic program works effectively manually if it is a successful program. So, my question is, why can we not have access to the basic program for 1 website. I believe that if the system works and we earn money, we would upgrade to get the extras to make more money faster. That, in my opinion, is where they could make their money. A fair proposition, is it not?

Well, there are no such programs offering this free trial feature out there, or are there?

Are There Programs That Make You Money?

There absolutely are systems out there that work, and that is what I am going to show you. There are many legitimate programs and systems out there that you can join to make you money. Most of them are premium sites, so you have to do the research to find them. Just don’t be gullible and believe anything that you see.

Do the due diligence and make sure that you are not pouring money down the toilet. It is better to set criteria that you expect the system to meet and stick to them. It may take you a while to find the right one but they are out there.

I found one that gave me;

  • A website(sub-domain) free for as long as I used it actively.
  • Free hosting
  • free training
  • the rights to all the income I made on the sites.

Pretty incredible isn’t it. Yes, there are upgrades… no, sorry, only 2 upgrade, to the premium & Premier membership, where you get;..well, read about it here and learn how to earn money online with free Training. I guess we all want to know how to earn money online for free, don’t we?

No more commuting to work, no boss and everything you earn is yours. A sweet deal and that is why, knowing how to earn money online, free is so popular. Everyone wants to do it and they can.


Let’s face it, We all want to know how to earn money online, from home, for free. What a lifestyle that would be, but we all know that there are a lot of pitfalls along the way. I advise all my visitors to do their due diligence and make sure they work before investing money. It is the logical and safest way to do it.

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About Bryan

Bryan Botha

A former police officer and business owner, I have been searching for an online business for years. I understood that the internet was the business of the future and it was the place to be.

Unfortunately, as the internet became more popular for business and earning money, the scammers and criminals were not far behind. With 22 years of online experience in different ventures, I have decided to show others how to earn a living online.

Do I do this for free? Free for my visitors yes, but I make an income from advertising and from clients that make use of my services for:

  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO Services
  • Website development and management.

Your Opinion Counts

If you have any comments, please leave them below in the comments box. If you know of any scams or legit businesses online, please leave them below too.            


  • I love your blog! I love the picture of the lady holding her hand up. It gave me a chuckle. I can tell you have a sense of humor and I am glad you found your way on the Internet. So many struggle to make a living and then some decide they are going to make it work and they find someone to teach them – and they get it done. Looking forward to seeing more from you on the subject of earning money online!

  • Hello Bryan, it’s great to see that others are on the same path as me but with all the experience in Affiliate Marketing. It is a pleasant place to find the knowledge necessary to generate real income and not fanciful promises!
    I like the description of your profile and I like your point of honesty !!!
    Keep going, I’ll be on the lookout and let me know of anything new.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Martin, I am pleased that you found this article rewarding enough to comment. It is always nice to hear from my visitors. I will be sure to add you to my Mailing list so that you receive all the latest articles

      Kind Regards

  • Jesticia

    I have found so many of these sites online and they always have a catch! What is the catch with this site?

    • Hi Jesticia, Unfortunately, it is true. there are many sites online just trying to entice you to pay out your hard earned cash. This is the ONLY system that I found that you can get a Free site, with free hosting and free training. It also allows you to keep all the money you earn online. You never have to pay for it if you are happy with your 1 site. You never have to give your banking details!

      If you wish to increase your income, you can upgrade to the premium sites and get 10 free sites with hosting and lots more training.

  • Charles

    How do you know which online business is a scam? I have been caught also many times, I am just too scared to try again.

    • Unfortunately, there are many scams out there. My basic rule is that, if I need to pay first to try the platform, I consider it a scam. I have used EA for many years. I started with a free account and only upgraded when I considered my site viable and only because I wanted more sites making money. I could have stayed on the free package permanently if I was happy with only having 1 site. Give it a try with a free account here

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